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What are the Biggest Shows on Broadway Right Now?

If you’re planning on heading out to Broadway and catch one of the best shows on Earth, you’ll have plenty to choose from. There are tons of plays and musicals currently dominating the box office, giving you the pick of the litter. Here are some of the biggest shows playing on Broadway right now.

Matilda just opened earlier this month on Broadway, after making the move over from London. The play, which is about a young girl who lives with vicious parents and an even worse headmistress, has grossed over $20 million in ticket sales in just its first few weeks. This week it took in $1,129,419.

With many of the same themes of Matilda running throughout, and the nostalgia that the title of this musical brings, it’s no surprise that Annie ($813,203 this week) is another Broadway favorite that’s still going strong. When it first opened, the box office was immediately sold out. And while sales have been dipping a bit for this classic, they’re sure to get another boost when Glee’s Jane Lynch takes on the role of Miss Hannigan.

Kinky Boots (grossing $1.056,926 this week) is still showing as well, and it grossed nearly as much as Matilda. These two musicals are also said to be the front-runners for the Tony award for Best Musical this year. However, Motown, which made just about $100,000 more than Kinky Boots ($1,151,759) could give it a real run for its money.

And if it’s plays rather than musicals that you’re looking for, you can’t go wrong with Bette Midler’s one-woman show, I’ll Eat You Last. With seven sold out performances, $686,031 grossed last week, and breaking the record at the Booth Theater, it’s clear to see why audiences just can’t wait to Eat!

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