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War Horse: The Dark Horse of the Academy Awards Started on the Stage

War Horse proved to be a successful play, and even featured a “horse choreography” given to Toby Sedgwick.

The film version of the story is based on the play and is directed by Oscar-favorite Steven Spielberg. War Horse was nominated for six Academy Awards for 2012 including Best Picture, Best Cinematography, Best Original Score, Best Sound Editing, Best Sound Mixing and Best Art Direction, which we assume is the closest thing to a “horse choreography” Oscar. The film was also nominated for five British Academy Awards.

Spielberg decided to make the film after seeing a production of War Horse in London. Spielberg later commented that it was a story that could provide “heart and a message that can be felt in every country.”

Like the film, the play also tells the story of Joey, Albert Narracott’s beloved horse, who is sold and shipped to France. Joey the horse serves in both British and German armies and befriends Topthorn (another army horse) along the way. This is quite the rare novel, (all the more rare because it is a children’s book), as it literally tells the story from a horse’s point of view. The movie does provide more insight into the human story happening, however the horse is truly the main character. Quite the achievement for a World War I war story!

You can still order theater tickets for War Horse online. Why not see what the hype is about by seeing this magnificent tale live and in person?

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