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Paul Rudd Comes Back to Broadway in “Grace”

Best known for playing “the goofy guy” in movies and TV shows such as “40 Year Old Virgin,” and “Friends,” Paul Rudd is ready for a change. But while the genre and the character type might be a different take for Rudd, the medium he’s chosen is not. He’s going back to Broadway in the show “Grace” and it’s not his first return to the stage.

“Grace” is a show about a couple that moves to Florida wanting to open a chain of motels that were centered around the church and the gospel. Soon after meeting their rocket scientist neighbor, and another who’s an exterminator, their plans quickly unravels. And so does Rudd, who plays the Christian husband.

“I was drawn to this character because it’s different for me and certainly different than anything I’ve played in the last several years,” says Rudd when talking about the show. “I thought it was bold and fresh and something I hadn’t seen before.”

Not that he needs it, Rudd will have tons of support on-stage. Multiple Emmy Award winner, Edward Asner takes on the role of the bug-squishing friend; while Michael Shannon will play the part of the scientist. Kate Arrington, who has made her name at the Steppenwolf Theatre in Chicago, will be playing alongside Rudd as his wife.

It’s been six years since Rudd was last on Broadway, when he played opposite Julia Roberts in “Three Days of Rain” in 2006, but he couldn’t be more excited to be back.

“One of the things I love about doing plays in New York is to feel a part of the city and part of a community that’s really vital and tight-knit. I wanted to be back in that,” he says.

Rudd has many credits backing up his stage presence including “Twelfth Night,” “Long Day’s Journey Into Night,” “The Shape of Things,” and “Bash.”

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