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Justin Long Debuts on Broadway in April!

Whether you know him from He’s Just Not That Into You, Dodgeball, any of his other numerous roles, or just his tumultuous relationship with Drew Barrymore, Justin Long has been a household name for a long time. He’s come a long way from the awkward teenager with a crush on his English teach, Miss Vessey, in Ed. He’s all grown up now and his career has too — he’s now headed to Broadway!

Long will make his first Broadway appearance at The Golden Theatre on April 3 when he steps into the role of Martin from Theresa Rebeck’s Seminar. Long is going over for Hamisk Linklater, who will continue playing the role until April 1. Leaving the stage with Linklater will be Alan Rickman, who has played the role of Leonard since the show began. Running for eight weeks only, the show will be a good chance for Long to get his feet wet on the Great White Way and see if he enjoys it; and for audiences to see if they enjoy watching him.

While he has come a long way from the clumsy roles that he played in the beginning of his career, the role of Seminar’s Martin is that of a young writer who’s attending a seminar by angry editor, Leonard; it’s somehow not hard to imagine Long easily stepping into the role.

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