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Joan Rivers – Still Alive and Kicking and Joking

It won’t offend Joan Rivers if you ask if she’s still alive — Joan Rivers was the “queen of mean” long before Lisa Lampanelli usurped that title.  Joan Rivers has been a shameless, politically incorrect, and sassy comedienne since before the golden age of human behavior.  Er, we mean comedy.  Seriously, it’s hard to imagine the word sensitivity and Joan Rivers in the same sentence. 

She is a woman who has seen, heard and done it all.  He traded barbs (and heated words) with Johnny Carson.  She’s starred on The Carol Burnett Show.  She’s hosted Saturday Night Live.  She even listened to all those filthy mouths on the Comedy Central Roast of Joan Rivers insult her and her daughter Melissa.  And of course, her personal life has been just as disastrous and well publicized as her career highlights.

Still, even years after The E! True Hollywood Story of Joan should have ended, this 78-year-old New York broad still keeps them rolling in the aisles.  Even though she has worked as an author, a theater performer and an actress, her first love has been and always will be standup comedy.  Rivers actually made a name for herself by performing standup comedy routines in Chicago and New York, impressing the likes of Carson and Jack Paar.

Of course, most people know, love, (and sometimes loathe) the incorrigible Joan for her pre-Oscar and pre-Emmy interviews.  She is very a funny woman who destroys feminine clichés, even while proving that comedy is not just a boys game.  In fact, she’s been turning heads, squinting brows and evoking laughter and horror for 60 years! 

Rivers’ comedy is loud, raspy and mean-spirited, though she practically invented the now “chic” perspective of poking fun at other celebrities.  However, she’s a sport and just as easily turns the tables on herself, proving she can dish it and take it. 

Come and see one of America’s most famous and infamous comediennes live and in person.  Come give respect to one of our country’s true feminists.  And come see the woman tough enough to survive an entire season of The Apprentice–a game she actually won in 2009!

It’s a one-woman show that you will remember for the rest of your life!

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