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It’s Official: Brooke Shields is Weird Enough for the Addams Family

Anyone who has followed Brooke Shields knows that she is no stranger to Broadway. She has already starred in big name productions like Wonderful Town, Chicago The Musical, Cabaret and Grease. Now, she is making waves in the stage version of The Addams Family, starring as the ghoulish Mortician Addams.

It’s a Broadway tradition for actors to improvise, especially as a way to test the “big A list star.” Recently, comedian Jackie Hoffman improvised during the show and poked a little fun at Brooke Shields’ old Calvin Klein TV commercials. The audience exploded into laughter, but Shields kept her cool and returned the wisecracks.

Brooke Shields is playing the role on Broadway until this Halloween, and the almost thankless task of replacing a great starring talent (she replaced original Addams star Bebe Neuwirth in June) is no problem from Brooke. In fact, she has garnered somewhat of a reputation as the “Broadway replacement queen,” as she takes over roles for some of the biggest names on the stage. It’s easy to see why people love her on the stage. She brings celebrity energy to every role she acquires and works hard to make sure she truly inhabits the character.

She isn’t a mainstream star, as her Blue Lagoon and Suddenly Susan days are over, but she is a multi-generational attraction, having been turning heads and warming hearts since the 1980s. Shields says that perseverance is what has made her one of Broadway’s most respected stars. “I’m stubborn enough to say, ‘All right, fine. You’re not going to give me that movie role? Well, OK. I’m going to go somewhere they appreciate me!'” And to audiences who want something new, unpredictable and live, Brooke Shields is kooky. She even made an appearance at the Tony Awards this past year, and got some of the biggest laughs of the night after a flubbed line coming from the teleprompter.

Seeing Brooke Shields live is quite a treat, especially playing a very different role, one that requires excellent comic timing, a dark and sensuous grace (with ample cleavage), and of course, the ability to tango! Come see The Addams Family on stage and see Brooke shine!

Facebook: Brooke Shields is Broadway’s replacement queen, having replaced top Broadways stars in productions like “Cabaret” and “Chicago.” However, she is gaining a reputation in her own right as a versatile actress who can also improvise. What’s she doing for her latest role in The Addams Family?

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