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Is Broadway Overtaking Hollywood?

Broadway has always been a respectable and hugely popular venue for those looking for great performances and a taste of art. But for some time, Hollywood was clearly the frontrunner between the two as people continued to turn towards the screen and away from the stage. Now though, big names are coming back to Broadway, whether they’re returning or making their debut. This among other things has people asking: is Broadway overtaking Hollywood?

A simple look at the facts might point to “yes.” While box office sales for any given movie, no matter how big the stars in it, continue to plummet, Broadway and theater tickets continue to climb. And, while Broadway adaptations used to be turned into movies in order to attract a larger audience, the opposite is now true and a number of movies are currently being transformed into a stage production. A few of those are “Rocky,” “The Notebook,” “Ghost,” and “The Goonies,” suggesting that getting shows to the stage is now the way to open it up to the public.

But it’s not just the movies that are making the move to Broadway, a lot of big-name actors are too. Hugh Jackman and Harry Connick Jr. were just two to recently go back to Broadway, and now William Shatner’s on his way too. Christina Ricci will be playing alongside Bebe Neuwirth for “A Midsummer’s Night Dream,” while Cate Blanchett will take up a role in “Anton Chekhov’s Uncle Vanya.” Those are some pretty big names, and with so much more coming, who knows what other names we’ll see coming back to the stage?

Of course, Broadway and the big screen are two important art forms that will always have an audience all their own. But for the time being, it might just be Broadway’s time in the shinier spotlight. Do you think that Broadway is currently overshadowing Hollywood? What movie star would you like to see come to Broadway?

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