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“Flashdance” is Finally Coming to Broadway!

There has been perhaps no Broadway production that has undergone as many changes as the highly-anticipated, $12 million production Broadway showing of Flashdance. First it was set to open in New York this fall, after having a “pre-Broadway” tryout in Toronto. Now all that has changed and instead the summer will be used as a creative workshop, Toronto will be included as part of a North American tour, and Flashdance will finally land on Broadway in the fall of 2013.

Many rumors have flown about concerning what the holdup has been with the show, but fuel was added to the fire after Leap of Faith, produced by the same Marc Routh that’s producing Flashdance, is going to close out on Broadway this weekend with a $14 million loss. But, Routh says, the delay in the production has been due to theater constraints and the fact that the play needed more creative work; not the fact that the producers have run into money problems.

It was that creative work that prompted the workshop in Toronto this summer, rather than running the show as planned. Not wanting to leave Torontonians out, and seeing an opportunity to give the show even more exposure, a North American tour was planned, although dates have not yet been officially announced. It’s also at that Toronto workshop that producers will present the show to more investors, trying to collect the small remainder of the $12 million that’s needed to put on the show.

While most Broadway theaters are already booked for this coming fall, Routh is hopeful that after many of them close after the Christmas holidays as they typically do, Flashdance will have many options.

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