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Experience the Blue Man Group Live and in Person

The TV show Arrested Development helped introduce the Blue Man Group to mainstream audiences, but theatre aficionados knew of this group of entertainers well before the 2000s ever began. (In fact, they released their first audio recording in the year 1999) The Blue Man Group actually dates back to 1987 and was founded by Chris Wink, Matt Goldman and Phil Stanton.

What is the point of it, besides the whole guys in blue gimmick? The group produces both theatrical shows and concerts, which involve music, comedy, multimedia and tribute performances (music, movies, TV reproductions.). The organization features three members called Blue Men who wear “blue “skin” while performing. The original founders are no longer acting, but have delegated others to adhere to the same principles of the group. Now, over 50 people have taken up the Blue Man skin.

What can you expect from a Blue Man Group show if you have never seen such blue men outside of Avatar, Watchmen or Tobias Funke? The trio loves to explore science and technology in their comedy acts, and love to act perplexed at such artifacts of modern society. They are at once self-conscious and yet naïve when it comes to their “performance.”

Some of their past “hits” include attempting to create an elegant dinner for an audience member with Twinkies, or climbing the rooftop of a venue in order to perform. It’s sometimes postmodern performance, but it’s actually quite funny in the traditional sense. The recurring theme is that the Blue Men are outsiders to the rest of the world, and the way in which the audience sees them is part of the gag.

The Blue Man Group has already performed for major venues such as Las Vegas, The Tonight Show, and even on TV shows like Arrested Development and Scrubs. The latest news in the Blue Man Group world is that the trio may star in a new IMAX 3D movie sometime in 2011 or 2012. The working title is “Blue Man Group: Mind Blast” and is set to be directed by David Russo.

Why not catch these oddities in person and enjoy a show live? It’s quite a thrill and will leave you breathless with laughter…but not to the point that you’re “blue.” Get your Blue Man Group tickets today!

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