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Come See Dog Expert Cesar Millan Live!

It can be hard for many to see their beloved furry member of the family as they really are — a dog. We like to think they have human needs, such as a need for the fanciest collars and a want for top of the line toys. It can be frustrating then when your dog barks and nips his dog collar and chews your shoes rather than his toys. Luckily, there is an expert when it comes to dogs that can help you see that your precious pup has dog needs rather than human needs, and who can teach you how to make your dog the happiest it can be. We are talking about none other than the dog whisperer himself, Cesar Millan. If you are dying to learn more about his calm-assertive energy approach, you may be in luck, as he is now doing a tour across Canada and the US.

Cesar is well known for being behind the notion that there are few people with dog problems, but instead mostly dogs with people problems! While it is fine to love your pets and want what is best for them, we can’t actually give it to them if we are treating them like miniature humans rather than dogs. Going to the Cesar Millan Live show will give you all sorts of new ideas on how you can make your dog the happiest he can be, while curbing bad behaviors. He always starts out with the basic principles of exercise, discipline and affection in that order. You will also learn the power of the energy you project, the instinctual world of the dog, how to read your pets body language, and how to understand the issues your pet may be going through.

Will the live show be stopping in your hometown? Currently scheduled stops in the US include Utah, Arizona, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, California and more. These shows sell out fast so be sure to book your tickets online today so that you can see the dog whisperer himself live and in person. Your relationship with your pooch is sure to be all the better once you gain insight into how his/her doggy mind works.

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