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Cirque du Soleil Bows to the King in Viva Elvis

Cirque du Soleil is a menagerie of brilliant artists on its own, so it would take someone larger than life like Elvis Presley to inspire a full concert of devotion from these world-renowned performance artists. Viva Elvis is a tribute to the life and music of Elvis, and includes tributes to the King’s most popular songs like Blue Suede Shoes, Don’t Be Cruel, Return To Sender, Jailhouse Rock and Viva Las Vegas.

However, this event is far from an Elvis karaoke night. At Viva Elvis, You can expect an ingenious fusion of Elvis songs, King-inspired dance numbers, live music (not prerecorded) and of course, the amazing acrobatics that Cirque du Soleil performers are known for. What truly makes this show unique is how Cirque du Soleil pays tribute not only to Presley’s music, but also to his life–indeed, his immortal character. The musical acts and dance numbers correspond with various significant moments in Elvis Presley’s life that are all acted out by the Cirque du Soleil cast.

You can immediately tell that every last cast member and behind-the-scenes tech wizard truly has his/her heart in this production. The sets and costumes are all designed in the spirit of the 1950s and 1960s. The retro-aesthetic ambiance of the show fit along perfectly with the emotion of the story telling, and of course, the beauty of Elvis’ haunting voice. The show counts over 150 custom wigs, 450 pairs of shoes and 400 Elvis costumes!

Of course, this show is not only for Elvis lovers. Fans of Cirque du Soleil will not be disappointed, as their radical interpretation of Elvis culture is truly phenomenal. You will gawk in amazement at the tubular aluminum structure (45 x 18 feet) that supports two acrobats (representing Elvis and his legendary twin), which appears from a long distance as a guitar. How about the 15,000 pound set created for the Return to Sender tribute, paralleling Elvis’ stint in the army. These are just examples of the artful melancholy that defines Cirque du Soleil, now more emotional than ever, now that the King’s music is serenading us. You must see this show in person to truly appreciate the artistry involved. It is a scene, a soundtrack, and a life that is king-sized!

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