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Is Troy Polamalu The Best?

There has been a lot of discussion lately, with regards to who is the best defensive player in the NFL.  Pittsburgh Steeler, Troy Polamalu, continues to come up in conversation.  The week 14 pick 6 against the Cincinnati Bengals isn’t hurting his case… What are your thoughts?

Did Big Ben Get The Touchdown Against The Dolphins?

Will Big Ben’s luck ever run out? This past weekend during NFL game against the Miami Dolphins, Ben comes out as the hero for the Steeler’s putting them ahead to win the game.

In the last few minutes of the second quarter of Sunday’s game, Roethlisberger called his number and attempted to scramble for a 2-yard touchdown.  Here was the ruling on the play: after review, referee Gene Steratore stated that Roethlisberger fumbled the ball prior to crossing the goal line, but according to the head official – the evidence was inconclusive to which team recovered the ball and he rewarded the ball back to the Steelers.

Weigh in on your thoughts…