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Sting Vs. Ric Flair for the Umpteenth and Maybe Last Time

One of the greatest professional wrestling matches of the 1980s was the experienced and primetime Ric Flair vs. the green but talented upstart Sting.  The year was 1988 and the event was the first Clash of the Champions.  This was back in the heyday of pro wrestling, before the fast-paced Monday night segments were the norm.  Sting wrestled Flair for 45 minutes, and the match culminated in a time limit draw.

Sting and Flair had dozens of rematches after Flair left the WWF (now officially the WWE) to return to his home WCW organization, and most of these matches saw Sting triumphing over the legendary “Nature Boy.”  Well, just when you thought you would never see these two titans tumble again (and indeed, just when you thought the 62-year-old Flair was “really” retired once and for all) these dueling banjos are set to go at it one more time.

Ric Flair is scheduled to take on Sting at the TNA Wrestling Impact show airing September 15th.  (TNA wrestling tickets are still available!)  Anyone who has followed Ric Flair for any period of time knows wrestling is his life, and that even when he “retires” he’s not likely to stay quiet for too long.  Sting, on the other hand, is a come-and-go phantom and perhaps WCW’s last true warrior.  (He is one of the few athletes to have never signed with the WWE.)

Fans of old school wrestling, as opposed to the sugar-charged WWE product, will appreciate one more Sting and Flair match, even as both men shake off ring rust and veteran pains.  Both men are currently working with TNA Wrestling and thus the perfect opportunity to settle old scores presented itself.  These warriors will renew and perhaps finish their feud come September, a feud that has lasted since 1988 and down into the 1990s where Ric Flair harassed Sting as the masked “Black Scorpion” character.

TNA, of course, wants to keep things interesting so they are attaching stipulations.  If Ric Flair wins, Sting retires.  If Sting wins, he gets a shot against Hulk Hogan.  We’re not even second-guessing who’s going to win…we’re just wondering if Flair still has the power and durability to do his infamous upside down turnbuckle flip!  Come see TNA Wrestling live and relive the magic!

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