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Michael Jordan will be Fined for Breaking Lockout Rules

When the NBA is in the middle of a lockout, players and team executives are not allowed to discuss anything about the game — not even if your name is Michael Jordan. And it seems you have to watch what you say not only about trades, negotiations, and things that actually matter from a contractual point of view — you’re not allowed to say anything, not even if it’s only to commend a player who plays for another team.

Maybe M.J. would have been okay if he had stuck to keeping his comments to players already under contract on his own team, the Charlotte Bobcats. But the superstar was recently in Australia and it was then that he touched on the taboo subject of Andrew Bogut, who plays for the Milwaukee Bucks. Jordan was quoted as saying to the Sydney Herald Sun,

“We have stars like Bogut who are entitled to certain type of demands. But for us to be profitable in small markets, we have to be able to win ballgames and build a better basketball team.”
“Bogut is a good piece to build around for Milwaukee,” Jordan said.
“I love Bogut’s game. He’s made a very good start and he’s definitely gonna be a star. His big problem is that he’s been dealing with that elbow injury. But he is a star to be reckoned with (and) will be a star for some time.”

Mentioning any player is against NBA rules, even if it’s Michael Jordan and even if he was in Australia when he said it. Just what fines exactly Jordan will face are unknown, but the NBA is definitely making a statement: nobody, but nobody, is allowed to break the lockout rules. Even if you are the best player that has ever graced the league.

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