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Kobe Bryant Isn’t Welcome Just Anywhere

He might be the biggest name in the NBA. And he’s definitely on the list of the most important players the league. But that doesn’t mean that Kobe Bryant is untouchable, or that he can just play ball wherever he chooses. At least, not according to Brandon Jennings, who hails from Compton and is currently the point guard for the Milwaukee Bucks. He’s not happy that Bryant is currently playing in the Drew League alongside Jennings and Jennings says, he’s not from LA so, he just doesn’t belong there.

The Drew League is a special league made up of LA players who were born and raised in the area. And, after finding himself with some free time during the lockout, Bryant looked to the league as a way to continue playing ball until a deal in his own league was worked out. But this willy-nilly attitude about joining the league doesn’t sit with Jennings because Bryant isn’t from LA, and so it goes directly against what the league stands for.

But, Jennings may want to think twice about kicking one of the world’s greatest players out of the league. Many feel that even if Bryant isn’t from LA, he should be given a pass on this one, and maybe even a ‘thank you.’ It’s thought that with Bryant’s phenomenal reputation and global stature, the publicity he will bring to the league will do it far more benefit than any harm would ever be incurred from allowing a non-local to join.

But Jennings doesn’t see it that way, even going so far as to demand to see a birth certificate, an outcry that the public is getting a little tired of hearing. Likely, the entire thing will be dropped and if Jennings pushes it, it could be bad news for Drew and attract the wrong kind of attention to the league. Even though Jennings has a legitimate argument in the fact that the Drew League is a pure representation of LA basketball, most people will just see banning certain players as an exclusion. And that doesn’t usually bode well for those doing the excluding, especially when it’s Kobe you’re talking about shunning.

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