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Kobe Bryant Could be in Trouble with the Law Again

You might not initially think of Kobe Bryant (NBA Star) as a private man. But try to take a picture of him when he’s in his house of worship, and you’ll likely end up hurt.

That’s just what a man found out this past Sunday when Bryant visited the Carmel Valley church. Bryant thought the man was trying to take pictures of Bryant and his wife while they were in prayer. A confrontation soon ensued at the back of the church, wherein Bryant grabbed the man’s wrist and took his phone away. After flipping through for several minutes and seeing no pictures of him or his family, Bryant gave the phone back to the man. He left the church with his wife just moments later.

The man, whose name has not yet been identified, was taken to the hospital and treated for a sprained wrist. Detective Gary Hassen, spokesmen for the police department, made a statement saying that the unidentified man would not be able to speak to police until August 24. However, they do want to speak to someone before then and they’re currently hoping to get in touch with Kobe Bryant to review the situation. Bryant’s attorney, Mark Campbell, released his own statement saying that they were aware of the allegations and that they were prepared to fight against them in whatever way needed.

We doubt this will affect Kobe’s season, so be sure to get your NBA tickets to see him in action!

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