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Hernandez Makes Mariners’ History with Perfect Game

When Felix Hernandez pitched the perfect game yesterday afternoon, it was the first time a perfect game had ever been seen in Mariners‘ history. But, another historical event was also written in the history books — it was the first time in MLB history that three perfect games had been pitched in less than four months. And the fact that it was on the same field that Philip Humber of the Chicago White Sox started off the perfect pitch run on April 21.

It was the Seattle Mariners against the Tampa Bay Rays on Wednesday and from the beginning the Mariners didn’t stand a chance. With a fastball that topped out at 95mph, and a curveball that “no human” could hit, according to catcher John Jaso, Fernandez struck 12 of the 27 hitters out; and five of those strikeouts came during the last six at-bats. He threw 113 pitches over all and had a three-ball count on only two of them in total. It might be nothing new for Hernandez, but a perfect game is something he’s worked awfully hard for.

“I don’t have any words to explain this,” Hernandez told Seattle reporters after the game. “When Phil Humber threw the perfect game here, I said “I’ve gotta throw one. I have to. I’ve been working so hard to throw one and there it is. This is pretty crazy. It doesn’t happen every day.”

That it certainly does not. But with the run Major League Baseball is having this year, it’s certainly happening more days than ever before.

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