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Stanley Cup Playoffs Update

The third round hasn’t yet started but already that round has already taken shape in the East. Meanwhile in the West, four teams are still duking it out to determine who will go on to play in the conference finals.

Last week ended with the Ottawa Senators being beaten out of the playoffs by the Pittsburgh Penguins. While it wasn’t a sweep the Pens beat out the Sens in just five games, and their last two were dominating wins. The following night, the Boston Bruins kicked the New York Rangers out, also in five games, leaving the Eastern conference down to just the Bruins and the Penguins. This will certainly be one hard-fought round, and one that will most likely go seven games, as both teams had phenomenal regular seasons; and they’ve also dominated in the playoffs.

In the West however, round two is still playing out. The Detroit Red Wings have taken a surprising 3-2 lead in the series; and they’ll play again on Monday to see if the Blackhawks can tie it up. Also in the western conference are the defending Cup champions, the Los Angeles Kings, playing against the San Jose Sharks, and in a series that’s tied at 3-3. The seventh game will be played on Tuesday, May 28, to see who will go on to play for the conference title.

No games have yet been announced for round three, as all teams must be finished up their current rounds before anything can be determined. Is your team still in the playoffs? And who do you think will win the Cup?

Selena Gomez Gears up for First Tour!

Selena Gomez is clearly ready to leave Waverly Place far behind her as she gears up for her first ever international tour, the “Stars Dance Tour 2013.” It all starts in August and currently has Selena running around the world until late November; and tickets are on sale now!

The world of conquering pop is nothing new to Selena Gomez. The album, which is called “Stars Dance,” will be her fifth, but she’s never taken her act around the globe before, and clearly she’s excited. After performing her latest single, “Come And Get It,” at the MTV Movie Awards Gomez announced, while gushing, that she’s going on world tour this year and that she’s hitting some big cities along the way. Just a few of those are Ottawa, Canada; Stockholm, Sweden; Copenhagen, Denmark; Paris, France; and London, Great Britain.

Currently you can find all 19 international dates on Selena’s official website here, but you can be sure that more dates will probably be added.

Recently Selena revealed parts of her tour rider, which is the list of must-haves and special requests stars put in when traveling on the road. And the things Selena must have on the road with her are a bit, well, unexpected.

“Incense, pickles always,” she recently told MTV. “I don’t know. I actually have a boring rider. I’ll be honest….ramen. That’s what I have. I’m more about food and apparently, incense.”

Don’t Miss These Concerts this Summer!

As we enter the busiest season for concert tours, it can be difficult to decide on which one to attend. In order to help you whittle your choices down, or just see who’s going to be on the road, here are the concerts that are going to prove to be some of the biggest of the year.

The Rolling Stones

No one knows if this is going to be it for the band, but they’ve added another string of dates to their 50th anniversary tour. Yes, it’s only ten cities or so, but you can’t always get what you want — and that’s still ten opportunities to see the Stones live!

Bruno Mars

About to begin his “Unorthodox Jukebox” tour, both Bruno and his supporting act, Fitz and the Tantrums, are going back in time to the 80s, making this a great concert for anyone feeling nostalgic.

One Direction

This weekend something’s about to happen that every teenage girl in the country has been waiting for — 1D tickets go on sale! Luckily there will be lots to go around, as this tour is taking the boys well into next year.

Justin Bieber

Go to hear some of his biggest hits. Go to admire Justin’s hair. Or go just to see if he’ll show up on time. Justin continues his “Believe” tour, and you can bet any show will be a night full of drama and energy!


Since her new album wasn’t released prior to her “Mrs. Carter” tour as promised, fans who attend any of Beyonce’s concerts before the end of the year might be the very first to hear some new material!

Did we miss any? Do you know of hot concerts that aren’t on this list? Which ones are you attending?

Nickelodeon’s Fresh Beat Band on Tour Again!

If you’ve missed the Fresh Beat Band last time they went on tour, take heart in knowing that you can catch Kiki, Marina, Twist, and Shout as they go on tour once again, performing 60 shows in their tour that will take them around the country beginning in November.

The Fresh Beat Band is one of the most popular shows for preschoolers that teaches about solving everyday problems, all the while setting tasks and challenges to perfect rhyming and the freshest beats to teach children about music, while they’re learning about friendship and respecting each other. When the show was last on tour it sold out in many venues and so, producers decided to take it on the road once again.

“The Fresh Beat Band is back by popular demand,” said Dough Cohn, SVP, Music, Nickelodeon. “The Fresh Beat Band Live in Concert Tour has been so successful because it provides 90 minutes of family bonding time where kids and parents can laugh, sing and dance along with the fantastic Fresh Beats.”

The tour kicks off on November 12, 2013 in San Antonio, Texas at Majestic Theatre. From there the Fresh Beats will travel around to some of America’s biggest cities including Austin, Kansas City, Pittsburgh, Cleveland, Chicago, New York City, Orlando, Baltimore, Nashville, Miami Beach, Los Angeles, Oakland, and Phoenix to name just a few.

Tickets are now on sale so don’t miss your chance to see the Fresh Beat Band today!

The Top Five Highest-Grossing Concert Tours

The Who and Maroon 5 were both unfortunately knocked out of the top five highest-grossing concert tours of the week. So, who took their place? And will you be going to any of these concerts?

5.) Pink, The Truth About Love Tour
Grossed: $1,087,880
Average ticket price: $76.84
Last week’s rank: 3

Pink’s tour slips two spots this week, but she’ll most likely continue to be in the top five for several more weeks to come. This tour doesn’t wrap up until the end of July!

4.) Kenny Chesney, No Shoes Nation
Grossed: $1,142,624
Average ticket price: $78.39

Kenny Chesney takes one of the empty slots on the charts this week, as he gets even more fans out to see his show. And with his new album, Life on a Rock, out just last week, it’s no wonder why!

3.) George Strait, The Cowboy Rides Away Tour
Grossed: $1,430,289
Average ticket price: $83.53
Last week’s rank: 2

George Strait slips just one spot this week, but fans know that this is their very last chance to see this legend in concert. As such, he’s likely to fall into the top five until next year, when this tour will sadly do a final wrap.

2.) Bon Jovi, What About Now Tour
Grossed: $1,741,784
Average ticket price: $96.53
Last week’s rank: 1

Bon Jovi drops from the top spot and into the second this week. Still, these rockers are proving that they’ve still got all of that, and with a new album out, even more! There’s nothing like seeing these Jersey boys in concert, so it’s not surprising seeing it still sit so high at the top.

1.) Taylor Swift, Red Tour
Grossed: $1,853,930
Average ticket price: $81.31

Taylor Swift dominates wherever she goes, but even though this tour has been running since March, it’s the first time it’s made it into the top five. Taylor made it in a big way though, climbing all the way to the number one spot in just one week. Although, the announcement she made that Red’s going to Australia might have had something to do with the renewed interest, too.

Update on JA Happ’s Injury

When Toronto Blue Jays pitcher JA Happ was hit in the head by a line drive on Tuesday, RA Dickey said that it sounded “like two bats” hitting each other. Happ immediately fell to the pitcher’s mound, face down, and covering one side of his head with both hands. Eight minutes later he was taken off the field on a stretcher and a total of eleven minutes later, play resumed. Everyone imagined the worst but remarkably, less than 24 hours later he was back at Tropicana Field. Not to play this time, but to talk about how lucky he is.

When Happ first arrived at Tropicana Field, he first met with players from his team as well as Desmond Jennings, who hit the line drive that struck Happ. After assuring everyone that he was feeling fine, he then spoke to reporters.

“I feel really fortunate,” he said. “It looks like I moved just a little bit. I don’t remember doing that, but it looks like it was just enough to where it must have caught me in a better spot, because I think it could have got me head on.”

Speaking about his injuries, he said, “I’ve got some stitches and there’s a fracture in the skull, I suppose, behind my ear, but it’s not serious or threatening. We’ll let those heal.”

The hit is something that’s still weighing heavily on the minds of those around the league, and many are wondering what can be done to prevent something like it happening in the future, and perhaps with more unfortunate results. The league is currently looking at many options, including protective headwear that would absorb impact and protect pitchers’ heads.

Meanwhile, Happ has been placed on the 15-day disabled list, but appears to be doing very well.

Bruno Mars Confirms 2013 Tour Dates

Bruno Mars has been releasing new tour dates just about as fast as he can, and all over the world, too. But just as quickly as he announces them, fans quickly snatch them up and sell out the venue he’s performing in. But that’s no problem for Bruno. If a concert is sold out along the way, he’ll just add another one to give fans even more chances to see him. But there are only so many days left in the year, so don’t hesitate to get your tickets when Bruno comes to your town. And with 45 North American dates, and over 30 in Europe, there’s a good chance he will!

The tour is the Moonshine Jungle World Tour, and the North American leg kicks off on June 22 in Washington, D.C. and will run in over 45 cities until it wraps up in Coliseo de Puerto Rico on September 1. For those dates, the Fits and the Tantrums, as well as Ellie Goulding, will be along as the supporting acts.

From there, Bruno will take a short break for the month of September, but will pick right back up where he left off in the UK on October 2 in Belfast. He travel throughout different cities there until November 25, when he’s wrap up the European leg with a stop in Newcastle, UK.

Think he’s done there? Those may be all the dates that Bruno has booked for this year, but he has no plans on stopping. With the new year will come an Australian leg, which currently only has shows planned throughout Australia and New Zealand for the time being. But with the way Bruno’s been adding on dates, don’t be surprised to find those Aussie venues filling up too.

For a full listing of the dates and venues where Bruno will be performing, you can check out the Bruno Mars tickets page on And then for goodness sakes, don’t wait any longer! Get your tickets today!

“Rocky” is Going to Broadway!

They’ve done it with “Footloose,” and they’ve done it with “Annie.” Now Broadway producers are hoping that they can take all the magic of the big screen once again and translate it to the stage. And they’re going to do it with a most unlikely film — “Rocky.”

The stage production follows closely along with the film, keeping true to the story of Rocky Balboa, the boxer who just wanted to be the best there ever was; and yes, all the while still trying to win over Adrianna, known better to Rocky as simply Adrian. But this time, it’s all set to music so that audience-goers can really feel the adrenaline of “Eye of the Tiger” and “Gonna Fly Now.” And they’ll also see some dance numbers unlike any of they’ve ever seen before. Instead of kick lines there are beautiful spars and fights, all in perfectly choreographed movement.

That choreography will be done by Steven Hoggett, while the score was written by Stephen Flaherty and Lynn Ahrens. The story was written by Thomas Meehan, while the original screenplay was written by Sylvester Stallone. The Broadway show is also being produced by Stallone and Stage Entertainment USA.

This version of the show has already been tested in Hamburg, Germany, and was met with high success. Drew Sarich took on the role of Rocky for the German production, although no casting has been announced for the Broadway musical. Producers are hoping that the musical will be running at the Winter Garden by February of next year.

What are the Biggest Shows on Broadway Right Now?

If you’re planning on heading out to Broadway and catch one of the best shows on Earth, you’ll have plenty to choose from. There are tons of plays and musicals currently dominating the box office, giving you the pick of the litter. Here are some of the biggest shows playing on Broadway right now.

Matilda just opened earlier this month on Broadway, after making the move over from London. The play, which is about a young girl who lives with vicious parents and an even worse headmistress, has grossed over $20 million in ticket sales in just its first few weeks. This week it took in $1,129,419.

With many of the same themes of Matilda running throughout, and the nostalgia that the title of this musical brings, it’s no surprise that Annie ($813,203 this week) is another Broadway favorite that’s still going strong. When it first opened, the box office was immediately sold out. And while sales have been dipping a bit for this classic, they’re sure to get another boost when Glee’s Jane Lynch takes on the role of Miss Hannigan.

Kinky Boots (grossing $1.056,926 this week) is still showing as well, and it grossed nearly as much as Matilda. These two musicals are also said to be the front-runners for the Tony award for Best Musical this year. However, Motown, which made just about $100,000 more than Kinky Boots ($1,151,759) could give it a real run for its money.

And if it’s plays rather than musicals that you’re looking for, you can’t go wrong with Bette Midler’s one-woman show, I’ll Eat You Last. With seven sold out performances, $686,031 grossed last week, and breaking the record at the Booth Theater, it’s clear to see why audiences just can’t wait to Eat!

Here’s the Schedule for Round One of the Stanley Cup Playoffs

How the Western Conference would shape up for the Stanley Cup Playoffs was decided a few days ago; but it took right up until almost the last minute for things to be settled in the East. Perhaps it’s because they got there first that the first games of the playoffs will be held in the West.

On Tuesday the Chicago Blackhawks will host the Minnesota Wild; the Anaheim Ducks will host the Detroit Red Wings; and St. Louis will host the defending Cup champions, the Los Angeles Kings. The San Jose Sharks and the Vancouver Canucks will also meet in Round One, when the Canucks host the Sharks on Wednesday, May 1.

Things weren’t as firmly decided in the East until this past Sunday, when the Boston Bruins hosted the Ottawa Senators. Ottawa was facing three potential teams in the first round, depending on how Sunday’s game with Boston went. After the Sens won in regulation, they’ll now face the Montreal Canadiens, beginning on Thursday, May 2.

Also starting their series on May 2 will be the New York Rangers, when they head to Washington to take on the Capitals. But fans in the East won’t have to wait that long to see playoff action.

The Pittsburgh Penguins host the New York Islanders on May 1; while the Boston Bruins will also host the Toronto Maple Leafs on the same night.

Did your team make the playoffs this year? Who do you think will be the winners of the eight different series? And who will win the Stanley Cup?