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Live a Childhood Dream and Visit the Price is Right in Las Vegas!

Didn’t you used to dream of entering the television set and playing The Price is Right as a youth?  At first, you watched the game show because there was nothing else on, but eventually you came to love Bob Barker’s avuncular way with words, not to mention the contagious joy you had whenever Rod Roddy added, “or…a new car!”

Everyone wanted that new car, even though they respectfully smiled at the cabinets and dining sets.  They wanted that new car so much they were willing to play all sorts of absurd and sometimes confusing games such as The Big Wheel, Plinko, Hole in One and “The Showcase.”  Well, expecting Bob Barker or even Drew Carey to point out your “new car” is a bit of wishful thinking.  However, you can relive the authentic The Price is Right experience by coming to Las Vegas’ own Bally’s!

The popular game show you know and love is located here and anyone can play.  Hold on though, you’re not just playing for nostalgia.  You’re also playing for cash and prizes, just like you would expect!  This is a live show and the atmosphere feels like that of the original, with the audience, the sound effects, the stage settings (taken from the actual 35th anniversary season) and of course, the gorgeous game show models.

The Price Is Right Live game show selects contestants randomly just like producers do it on TV.  Over 50 audience members will have a chance to play.  And in case you’re wondering, yes, you do get the “come on down!” whenever your name is called.  Last but not least, the host even reminds the audience to spay and neuter their pets–why it’s as if Bob Barker’s spirit is overseeing the event!  Of course, Bob Barker is still alive and well, but you get the point.  The real Bob Barker is far too busy fighting for animal rights to show up everywhere that prizes are given away!

You can find Bally’s Showroom on South Las Vegas Boulevard, but don’t forget to buy your tickets in advance!  These shows are a lot of fun and will feel just like a childhood fantasy!

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