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Enjoy the Magic and Illusions of Rick Thomas

Anyone who loves magic and illusions probably knows that the best place to see some of the top magicians in the world is in Las Vegas. Other than the Magic Castle in Los Angeles, Vegas is the place with the greatest reputation when it comes to illusion and magic. Consider some of the huge names to have been a part of Vegas, such as David Copperfield, Lance Burton, along with the new generation of street and shock magicians. One of the best entertainers in Vegas, who performs 600 shows a year and creates some of the most impressive illusions in the field, is Rick Thomas.

Thomas came from a family of performers, so it is no wonder that he would somehow go into entertainment. His family was into competitive ballroom dancing, and he and his sister actually won the title of Amateur United States Ballroom Dancing Champions. He has been interested in magic since he was only seven years old. That love stuck with him and by the time he was eighteen years old, he had a show at the Disneyland Hotel, which ran for two years.

He also performed on cruise ship lines, as well as expositions and fairs around the country. He’s toured the world five different times, and he’s been performing his own show in Vegas for fifteen years. He is one of the most talented and fun to watch magicians performing today, and you don’t want to miss him if you have the opportunity to see a show.

You can see Thomas in Vegas, but he also happens to tour his show on occasion. If you are in Vegas, you can see him in The Showroom. When he’s on tour, he goes to places such as Hawaii, New York, Connecticut, and more, If you like magic and want to see someone who is a bit different from so many of the other performers who are out there today, Thomas is a great choice. Check to see where he will be performing and get your tickets today. You will not regret the experience you have at the show.

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