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Don’t Fuggedabout the Las Vegas Mob Experience

Who knows, maybe a few decades ago you would have taken a wrong turn in Las Vegas and come across Bugsy Siegel and the real life mob. Thankfully, Vegas is clean today, though it’s not exactly squeaky clean like the theme park with the giant mouse. There is still plenty of gambling, loose women and drinking to enjoy, capisce?

And while you’re in Vegas longing for the more dangerous times don’t forget to stop by the Las Vegas Mob Experience. If you have ever watched The Godfather and been moved to tears, or even stood up and woofed during a retro showing of Martin Scorsese’s Goodfellas, you’re really going to enjoy this Vegas-only museum experience.

This is not just a museum of 1,500 authentic Vegas mob artifacts–it’s a fully interactive experience that lets you feel as if you were there. As soon as you enter the joint, you’re given a mob nickname. Then, you pick a computer-generated guide show you around. From then on, you get your picture taken and are assigned an ID badge. The exhibits themselves contain recreated scenes from the 1920s and onward, and also feature actors “in character” explaining what’s what in the family business.

You can try out your acting jobs, all the while enjoying some quality time with a famous gangster personality, provided via computer technology. Most visitors say the experience takes a full two hours, and it’s as much fun as it is educational. This is a legitimate history lesson, so don’t expect a roller coaster ride or Scarface style shoot-em-up action. This is an experience that will enlighten and entertain. It’s not going to make you sleep with the fishes, to borrow a term. Though if you try to steal any of the artifacts, you’re gonna’ start looking look Luca Brasi in Act 3, if you catch my drift.

If you’re tired of the same old bar scene then come experience something new in Vegas–the Las Vegas Mob Experience, which tells the true stories of the Las Vegas mafia years! And whatever you do, please don’t tell the actors that they’re “funny.” Because then you know what’s coming!

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