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Willow Smith’s on Fire in New Video “Fireball”

With homage paid to a movie that was made before she was even born, Willow Smith shows why she just might be a superhero on the music scene with her new video “Fireball.” In her third video, Willow begins rapping about how she’s “the fireball of the party” while decked out as a futuristic robot of some sort. That’s short-lived, as she’s soon joined by Nicki Minaj, who does just as good a job tearing up the scene as Willow does.

In the video Willow does a great job letting her inner gangsta shine through as she’s got all the dance moves, street poses, and slick rhymes you’d expect from a 17-year old who’s grown up in the streets — never mind this 11 year old that’s most likely grown up in a Beverly Hills mansion. Still, it might not be how Willow moves to her own beat or even how she manages to look so cute and edgy all at the same time in those outfits. What might be most refreshing about Willow is that she’s dressed head to toe in every shot with very little skin showing and there’s not one lyric of hers that even brushes against negativity. Still, a Disney character this girl is not and she’s definitely got the attitude that comes from living with the witty Smith clan. She just manages to present that in an appropriate way – as a little girl that just loves her music.

Willow Smith has come a long way from the girl we saw whipping her hair last year. She’s now much more comfortable in front of the camera and is ready to show us just how much just a little more experience brings. To check out Willow’s third – and by far, best – video, you can check it out here.

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