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Will Glee Live! be Touring Next Summer?

When the producers of the television show Glee saw that they didn’t just have a hit TV show, but that fans were tuning in for the chance to attend a concert every single week, they saw opportunity. An opportunity to brings fans more of what they want, and live to boot, and a chance to expand their brand and bring the characters closer to the fans’ hearts. So in May of 2010 the cast embarked on their first tour, and were met with an overwhelming response. Now there’s rumor that they’re coming back and this time, they’re bringing new faces and new songs!

It’s all just speculation as of now, but Glee Live! In Concert! has been touring since that first one two years ago, and after a brief hiatus this year, fans want them back. And they want to come back! Many of the new cast members haven’t had the chance yet to go on the road and meet the fans face to face, and they’re itching to get out there. Creator of the show, Ryan Murphy, wants to get them out there, too!

“That was so important to the show and the life of the show,” he said in an interview regarding a possible tour. “The fans love it and I think it gets them close to the characters. I hear the new cast members and have heard them talking about it already and asking the old-timers what it was like. I know these new kids are so good that I really want to put them out in front of people.”

Although all of it is unconfirmed as of yet, but with the way talks are going, official word should come soon enough.

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