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What is Idol Sensation Carrie Underwood Up To?

All American Idol fans know of the lovely and talented 4th season winner, Carrie Underwood. This country-singing sweetheart has been up to a lot since her days on American Idol. You may just want to catch the singer’s next concert, when she will be performing live in a town near you!

Carrie Underwood has had quite the ride since her rise to fame in 2005. Her first album has gone seven times platinum, she has won five Grammy Awards, as well as a number of American Music Awards and Billboard Music Awards, she is also the first female singer to ever have the Academy of Country music award the Entertainer of the Year award two years in a row. And things just keep on looking up for the young star who already has had 14 number one singles to date. The year 2012 is also looking to be her year and Billboard has named her “Country Music’s reigning Queen”.

Underwood’s newest album was just released on May 1, 2012 and is entitled “Blown Away”.  his is her fourth album, which so far fans have been buying up across the country, and for the most part has earned the respect of critics. The new album is a mix of bright and cheery material as well as some darker themes such as revenge and regrets. The first single off the album, “Good Girl”, is a cheery and upbeat tune that is sure to make fans turn up the radio every time it is on.

Of course with a new album comes a new tour! Just as the new album was released the singer announced the “Blown Away Tour” which will be making its way all across America and will even include the singers first concerts ever in the U.K. The first scheduled U.K. concert, which will be held at the Royal Albert Hall, sold out in less than two hours to excited fans. Don’t let the venue near you sell out before you’ve had a chance to buy tickets. Underwood will be making stops in Tennessee, California, Texas, Florida, and many other states, so be sure to look for tickets in a city near you!

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