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Watch the Throne Tour as Confusing as Kanye’s and Jay-Z’s Friendship

Those who were hoping to catch Kanye West and Jay-Z take the stage together in their Watch the Throne tour are now left wondering what exactly to make of the whole thing anyway. The artists have pushed the tour back to now begin in October so that they can “really route it and put more stops on there,” and there’s also been a huge overhaul of the schedule, which you can find here: The Throne Tickets.

Add to this tour news the fact that there’s been a lot of tension between the two artists recently, with Jay-Z saying that the two “bug each other in the studio,” before shrugging off the comment saying it’s because they push each other so hard. Jay-Z has also alluded to the fact that the two may not be on-stage together as much as fans think during the tour, saying that the details of when one or the other will be performing hadn’t been worked out yet. Fans will definitely be watching the throne very closely, as they try to make something of it all.

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