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Maroon 5 Releases Tour Dates

It was bittersweet for fans when Adam Levine, lead singer of Maroon 5, announced he was leaving his job as co-host of The Voice in order to go on tour with his band. With no venues or dates announced at the time, fans could only feel the coming loss of watching one of their favorite singers every week. Now though, Maroon 5 has released a full listing of dates, complete with venues, so you can catch them all when they’re in a city near you!

The tour will promote the group’s fourth studio album, Overexposed, from which the latest single “One More Night” is sitting atop the Billboard Hot 100s chart. Everything will kick off on February 13 in Columbus Ohio and some of the major stops the band will be making include Detroit, New York, Toronto, Los Angeles, Las Vegas, Nashville, and Orlando, to name just a few.

Currently there are over 30 stops that have been announced, with all but 8 of them in North America. The band will wrap things up on April 6 in Rosemont, Illinois before heading to Birmingham, United Kingdom on June 22. North American general tickets go on sale tomorrow, with tickets for overseas shows already available.

Fans should get them as soon as possible, as Levine says this is going to be the biggest one the band has put on to date.

“This is our biggest tour yet,” Levine said on video. “Anybody who has seen a Maroon 5 show, even those people are going to be blown away by what we’re doing because we really feel this is our calling to put on the best show we’ve ever put on. And that is so exciting to us and I know that’s going to be exciting for our fans, too.”

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