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Lady Gaga Meets President Obama

As David Letterman may have said in 1995 (during his Oscar-hosting gig), “Obama…Gaga, Gaga…Obama!”  Yes the personality of America has changed quite a bit since the legendary moment when Elvis met Nixon.  Now Lady Gaga meets President Barack Obama.

The encounter was short (lasting only two minutes) but clearly President Obama was out of his element in trying to make small talk with the iconic and bizarre Gaga.  The president described his encounter as “spooky”, stating that the eight-foot tall Gaga (thanks to some radical 16-inch heels) was “intimidating.”

The two superstars met in Washington at the yearly Human Rights Campaign, though they had also shared a moment at Obama’s reelection fundraiser one week ago.  Obama ribbed the singer’s fan base and Gaga herself, who was dressed futuristically and ambiguously as usual, by saying “I held some productive bilateral talks with your leader.”

Alien though she might be, Gaga is a great leader for human rights.  Gaga actually had an agenda when she spoke to the nation’s leader.  She wanted to address the issue of youth bullying, specifically in light of the suicide of Jamey Rodemeyer, one of Gaga’s bullied fans.

Lady Gaga is the “queen of pop” for good reason.  She has the soul of Michael Jackson and Madonna‘s lovechild, while dressing like the offspring of David Bowie and Bjork.  Her musical style is at once, new age, even while it adheres to the disciplines pioneered by Freddie Mercury, Cyndi Lauper and even Britney Spears.  She is the now generation’s musical mutt–and features the talents of everybody you’ve ever loved, even while she puts her own creative, “outside the box” spin on today’s hottest topics.

Don’t miss your chance to experience Lady Gaga in person!  Whether she’s wearing a meat dress, being born from a giant egg, or spurting blood all over the place for the Monster Ball Tour, she is a one of a kind entertainer.  She turns off just as many people as she turns on (most recently inviting criticism from dissident feminist Camille Anna Paglia), but in true Andy Warhol fashion, she always gets them talking.

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