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Celine Dion Goes to Vegas!

You may have known of Celine Dion before Titanic (perhaps from the Beauty and the Beast soundtrack), but it’s hard to deny that her performance in “My Heart Will Go On” is what captivated the world over. So whatever happened to Celine Dion? This Canadian born singer isn’t washed up and dancing with the stars…she is still touring across the country singing her heart out.

The latest news is that Celine is returning to Las Vegas and Caesars Palace. She will be performing here for at least three years, starting in 2011, meaning we have another two years to enjoy her in Sin City. Celine Deion will do 70 shows a year and will focus on her Hollywood songs, including the famous you know what. She recently sang at the 83rd Academy Awards and performed the song “Smile.”

Now if that isn’t a sign that you’ve made it, then maybe this one is. FlightNetwork conducted a poll, asking nearly 800 people, “which celebrity they would like to sit next to the most on a plane?”, to which the majority replied Celine Dion. Go figure, apparently her gentle and soulful voice is much preferable to someone like Adam Sandler or Fran Drescher, for obvious reasons.

No chance of running off with this heartbreaker though — Celine Dion is married and has been in love with Rene Angelil (now her husband-manager) since her teenage years. They started dating in 1987 and became engaged in 1991. Their first child Rene-Charles Angelil was born in 2001. In 2010, Dion gave birth to twins, Eddy and Nelson.

So although Dion is busier than ever before, she is far from retiring or fading. This performer, who is characterized by a love for sentiment and soul, cites performers like Barbra Streisand, Whitney Houston, the Bee Gees and Michael Jackson as inspirations. Quite a diverse selection, which does explain Celine’s unique and yet powerful voice.

Why not come experience a belting and beautiful number in person? Yes, a Hollywood song, immortalized by great on-screen memories. Celine and Vegas makes perfect sense and will become one of your favorite memories for a very long time.

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