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Brandy and Monica, Together Again!

Before there was Britney and Christina there was Brandy and Monica, the two pop artists that exploded onto the scene in the late 90s when hair was still in rat tails and grunge was just making its way into wardrobes. Like so many artists that happen to come out at the same time, rumors started instantly that there was a feud between Brandy, singer of “Best Friend,” and Monica, who spawned “Don’t Take it Personal,” just a year later.

If talk of the feud bothered Brandy or Monica, neither showed it. In 1998 they put out a song called “The Boy is Mine,” in which they physically fought over a man, which only fueled rumors further. As each has grown and seemed to have gone their separate ways, talk has died down and now they’re back to prove once and for all, there was never anything to talk about.

In a highly anticipated reunion, Brandy and Monica have recorded their first duet since that song back in the day. In the new “It All Belongs to Me,” video though, they’re fighting against the boy, rather than for him; and they’re fighting together. After showing clips of Brandy buying a guy (mostly seen through windows,) new cars, watches, and other expensive gifts, it then shows them taking all of it back after the boy wrongs her. With each item they sing about how it “belongs to me.” You can watch them take it all back in the full-length video here.

The video shows just how grown up the girls have become, and it’s nice for fans to be able to see them teaming up once again. This song’s grown up too though, with a curse word here and there, it’s not one for the kids but rather, those who grew up with the girls!

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