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Enjoy the Magic and Illusions of Rick Thomas

Anyone who loves magic and illusions probably knows that the best place to see some of the top magicians in the world is in Las Vegas. Other than the Magic Castle in Los Angeles, Vegas is the place with the greatest reputation when it comes to illusion and magic. Consider some of the huge names to have been a part of Vegas, such as David Copperfield, Lance Burton, along with the new generation of street and shock magicians. One of the best entertainers in Vegas, who performs 600 shows a year and creates some of the most impressive illusions in the field, is Rick Thomas.

Thomas came from a family of performers, so it is no wonder that he would somehow go into entertainment. His family was into competitive ballroom dancing, and he and his sister actually won the title of Amateur United States Ballroom Dancing Champions. He has been interested in magic since he was only seven years old. That love stuck with him and by the time he was eighteen years old, he had a show at the Disneyland Hotel, which ran for two years.

He also performed on cruise ship lines, as well as expositions and fairs around the country. He’s toured the world five different times, and he’s been performing his own show in Vegas for fifteen years. He is one of the most talented and fun to watch magicians performing today, and you don’t want to miss him if you have the opportunity to see a show.

You can see Thomas in Vegas, but he also happens to tour his show on occasion. If you are in Vegas, you can see him in The Showroom. When he’s on tour, he goes to places such as Hawaii, New York, Connecticut, and more, If you like magic and want to see someone who is a bit different from so many of the other performers who are out there today, Thomas is a great choice. Check to see where he will be performing and get your tickets today. You will not regret the experience you have at the show.

Las Vegas gets “Wicked”

It’s the story of the good witch and the, well, the misunderstood witch. Those around the country that have been lucky enough to see the show know that Wicked is the story of two witches that began as good friends, but slowly drifted apart. Now, hitting just about every other major urban city except for Sin City, the show is finally coming to Las Vegas!

The show, which is appropriate for ages 8 and up, is drawing in crowds of both adults and kids, and school tours are lining up out the door. Those who get in the door will be able to see an extremely talented touring cast which includes: Jackie Burns (Elphaba), Chandra Lee Schwartz (Glinda), Randy Danson (Madame Morrible), and Mark Jacoby (The Wizard). And those cast members are just as excited as audience members about the show.

“When the cast walked in for the first day, we couldn’t believe our eyes at how gorgeous this theater is, and how wonderful it is to play this city for the first time,” said Chandra Lee Schwartz. “It’s exciting, because the audience is really excited about it. They haven’t seen it like three or four years ago like our other cities have, so there is a special anticipation in the air.”

The show is based on the 1995 book by Gregory Maguire, and it’s been playing at the Smith Center since August 29. Being booked for a six-week run, it will play eight shows per week and will wrap up on October 7.

Wicked has been the best-selling Broadway hit for the past six years in a row, and audiences at The Smith Center have responded in the very same fashion. Grab Tonto and the Tin Man, you need to get your tickets to Wicked Las Vegas today!

Don’t Fuggedabout the Las Vegas Mob Experience

Who knows, maybe a few decades ago you would have taken a wrong turn in Las Vegas and come across Bugsy Siegel and the real life mob. Thankfully, Vegas is clean today, though it’s not exactly squeaky clean like the theme park with the giant mouse. There is still plenty of gambling, loose women and drinking to enjoy, capisce?

And while you’re in Vegas longing for the more dangerous times don’t forget to stop by the Las Vegas Mob Experience. If you have ever watched The Godfather and been moved to tears, or even stood up and woofed during a retro showing of Martin Scorsese’s Goodfellas, you’re really going to enjoy this Vegas-only museum experience.

This is not just a museum of 1,500 authentic Vegas mob artifacts–it’s a fully interactive experience that lets you feel as if you were there. As soon as you enter the joint, you’re given a mob nickname. Then, you pick a computer-generated guide show you around. From then on, you get your picture taken and are assigned an ID badge. The exhibits themselves contain recreated scenes from the 1920s and onward, and also feature actors “in character” explaining what’s what in the family business.

You can try out your acting jobs, all the while enjoying some quality time with a famous gangster personality, provided via computer technology. Most visitors say the experience takes a full two hours, and it’s as much fun as it is educational. This is a legitimate history lesson, so don’t expect a roller coaster ride or Scarface style shoot-em-up action. This is an experience that will enlighten and entertain. It’s not going to make you sleep with the fishes, to borrow a term. Though if you try to steal any of the artifacts, you’re gonna’ start looking look Luca Brasi in Act 3, if you catch my drift.

If you’re tired of the same old bar scene then come experience something new in Vegas–the Las Vegas Mob Experience, which tells the true stories of the Las Vegas mafia years! And whatever you do, please don’t tell the actors that they’re “funny.” Because then you know what’s coming!

Freak Out with Criss Angel Live and in Person!

Just when you think you have seen it all, Criss Angel finds another amazing feat to dazzle and disturb audiences! This American-born magician is probably best known for his TV show “Criss Angel: Mindfreak”, but it is nothing compared to seeing the tricks preformed live and in person!

Criss Angel has truly amazed audiences with some of his death-defying feats. His fascination with magic started from a mere seven years old. He is now considered the man that has brought back the love of magic to popular culture today. There hasn’t been such an interest by the masses in magic since the days of Houdini himself.

The master illusionist has been known to walk on water, levitate, survive explosions, and even cut himself in half! He does traditional feats of magic, but with a big bold twist, such as making a Lamborghini disappear, or floating between two buildings in front of a live audience of fans. He has even wowed famous celebrities and has been asked to appear on TV shows such as the Ellen Show, Oprah, The Tonight Show and The Late Show.

Criss Angel’s amazing stunts eventually landed him a $100 million Broadway style financed show with MGM Mirage in Las Vegas. Today, you can see what some are calling the most exciting show in Las Vegas at the Luxor Theater inside the Luxor Hotel. The show has a partnership with Cirque du Soleil, and is titled “Criss Angel – Believe”. This show has been running since 2008, and is still the best place to catch all of the magic in person. This production features amazing illusions, danger, excitement and even a little comedy to pull it all together.

Las Vegas can certainly pull off the trick of making your money disappear if you step into a casino, so why not spend it on some memories that will last a lifetime instead? Check out the amazing feats happening at the Luxor Theater at the hands of a master magician! If you want to see the magic of Criss Angel with your own eyes, you can see “Believe in Las Vegas”, or keep an eye out for appearances scheduled for your hometown.

Live a Childhood Dream and Visit the Price is Right in Las Vegas!

Didn’t you used to dream of entering the television set and playing The Price is Right as a youth?  At first, you watched the game show because there was nothing else on, but eventually you came to love Bob Barker’s avuncular way with words, not to mention the contagious joy you had whenever Rod Roddy added, “or…a new car!”

Everyone wanted that new car, even though they respectfully smiled at the cabinets and dining sets.  They wanted that new car so much they were willing to play all sorts of absurd and sometimes confusing games such as The Big Wheel, Plinko, Hole in One and “The Showcase.”  Well, expecting Bob Barker or even Drew Carey to point out your “new car” is a bit of wishful thinking.  However, you can relive the authentic The Price is Right experience by coming to Las Vegas’ own Bally’s!

The popular game show you know and love is located here and anyone can play.  Hold on though, you’re not just playing for nostalgia.  You’re also playing for cash and prizes, just like you would expect!  This is a live show and the atmosphere feels like that of the original, with the audience, the sound effects, the stage settings (taken from the actual 35th anniversary season) and of course, the gorgeous game show models.

The Price Is Right Live game show selects contestants randomly just like producers do it on TV.  Over 50 audience members will have a chance to play.  And in case you’re wondering, yes, you do get the “come on down!” whenever your name is called.  Last but not least, the host even reminds the audience to spay and neuter their pets–why it’s as if Bob Barker’s spirit is overseeing the event!  Of course, Bob Barker is still alive and well, but you get the point.  The real Bob Barker is far too busy fighting for animal rights to show up everywhere that prizes are given away!

You can find Bally’s Showroom on South Las Vegas Boulevard, but don’t forget to buy your tickets in advance!  These shows are a lot of fun and will feel just like a childhood fantasy!

See the Magic of Penn and Teller and a Few Magic Tricks Along the Way!

If you’ve ever seen Penn and Teller on television before, then you know it’s not just about the magic. It’s about the show, as Penn Jillette and Raymond Teller have a rather bizarre yet monstrously entertaining comedy act. Their chemistry is a classic, with Penn doing most of the talking and joking, and Teller acting the mime, hardly even speaking.

The duo specialize in unorthodox Las Vegas magic tricks, the likes of which include gory stunts, revealing the “secrets” of old magic tricks, and plenty of pranks. Classic tricks of the duo usually involve Teller subjected to life-threatening situations, including hanging upside down over a cushion of spikes (while confined in a straitjacket), being submerged in a tank of water, and being run over by a tractor-trailer. The “gore” is not real and of course, Teller is never in danger. However, the Python-esque shock value of what is happening is part of the duo’s shtick and it’s a killer of comedy.

What is the secret to Penn and Teller’s success? One of the reasons is the fact that they are a Vegas show, and everything in Vegas is memorable because it becomes part of the Las Vegas allure and identity. Penn and Teller have immortalized themselves as Vegas performers, and have a wonderfully receptive audience every time they take the stage. Their unique and anarchic comedy approach to magic has to be another factor, in an industry of hammy magicians who do traditional standup or no comedy at all.

Penn actually told Larry King that he believes they are successful because of the fact that they are not close friends. He told King that besides the magic, they don’t have much in common and rarely socialize outside of work. Penn and Teller most recently crashed the Daytime Emmy Awards and did yet another gore trick: the duo announced they would “stab” the correct name for Best Supporting Actor. Teller, with a blindfold, then stabbed a knife into a table of cards and then…whoops, into Penn’s hand! The best part was all those worried looks from the Emmy-nominated audience.

If you’re heading over to Las Vegas, Nevada don’t miss an opportunity to see a Penn and Teller show live and in person. It’s so much more enjoyable when you can hear the duo up close (or at least hear Penn) and see the fake blood splatter. Penn and Teller are the most popular magic act in America today and they have a loyal Vegas following to thank for it!

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