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Come See Actress and Speaker Cathy Rigby Live in 2013

Catch Cathy Rigby as she speaks at venues around the country in 2013!

Cathy Rigby is an actress, speaker, and former gymnast. Born in San Diego, California in 1952, Cathy began showing an aptitude for gymnastics and soon began her training toward becoming a world class gymnast. Cathy’s years of training paid off when she was featured prominently in the 1968 Olympics. She was the highest scoring member of the participating American team, and her performance, seen by millions on television, help spark a new wave of popularity for gymnastics across the U.S..

Perhaps Cathy’s greatest accomplishment as a gymnast occurred when she won a medal at the World Gymnastics Championships, the first American woman to do so. She did this in 1970, winning a silver medal for her performance on the balance beam. Rigby was also in the 1972 Olympics, but her performance was obstructed by an injury caused from practicing a very risky balance beam maneuver. Her injuries from the accident kept her from performing the move during the Olympics, and subsequently did not win a medal. After the 1972 Olympics, Cathy retired from gymnastics competitions and began an acting career, taking on the role of Peter Pan.

Rigby, who is very shy, found herself nervous and scared, but found out she was a very good actress capable of performing Peter Pan very well. She also discovered she enjoyed acting, which was a bit of a shock for someone who didn’t like to be the center of attention.

All through the 1970s, Cathy got roles performing on television shows and commercials, and accepting sponsorship deals for products. She also worked as a sports commentator for ABC Sports, a role she held for 18 years, and made several made for TV movies.

In the 1980’s, Rigby began her career as a speaker, publicly talking about the dangers of eating disorders, and her own experiences dealing with them. In fact, she was twice hospitalized, and nearly died, during her 12 years of suffering with bulimia.

Cathy will again be sharing her experiences with audiences in 2013, and you should pick up tickets now for an interesting and informative evening with the former gymnast.

Coachella 2013 Headliners Announced

Coachella is one of the biggest music events every single year, and has been since its inaugural year in 1999. For only the second time though, this year Coachella will be held over two different weekends, those of April 12 — 14 and April 19 — 21. The same lineup will perform over both weekends and as always, it will be held at the Indio Polo Grounds in Indio, California.

So who can you expect to see while there?

Blur, Stone Roses, Phoenix, and the Red Hot Chili Peppers are going to be the headliners for the festival, but Coachella is known for showcasing new artists; and this year will be no different.

These new acts will include Lou Reed, the Postal Service, Sigur Ros, New Order, Modest Mouse, Yeah Yeah Yeahs, Jurassic 5, Japandroids, Johnny Marr, Grizzly Bear, Moby, Spritiualized, Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds, Vampire Weekends, Wu-Tang Clan, Gaslight Anthem, and Social Distortion. Those bands who haven’t already will have the chance to finally make their breakthrough, with last year’s attendance topping out at about 650,000.

If you want to be one of the lucky ones attending Coachella this year, get your tickets today! They go on sale this afternoon. Camping for the weekend is open only to those attending the festival as well! Get your tickets on now!

See Kid Rock on Stage in 2013

Kid Rock is bringing his show to thousands of fans, starting February 2 at the Sprint Center in Kansas City MO. Kid brings a unique blend of rock and roll, country, and rap wherever he goes, so no matter what kind of music you’re into, a Kid Rock concert is sure to please. An award winning performer, Kid Rock will bring the house down each and every night, and do his best to give each and every fan that comes to his show the best performance they’ll ever see.

Born Robert Ritchie, Kid Rock’s first commercial hit record was “Devil without a Cause”, from 1998. This album sold over 13 million copies around the globe, cementing Kid Rock as an icon of the modern era of music.

Hailing from Romeo, MI, Kid Rock was a struggling rapper between 1990 and 1997, having released several albums without much success. Things began looking up, however, when Kid signed with Atlantic Records in 1998. Once on board with Atlantic, he started finding success in the burgeoning “rock-rap” genre. After releasing the very successful “Devil” album, Kid released “The History of Rock”. This album featured remixes of some of Kid’s earlier work, as well as the new hit single “American Bad Ass”.

After “Bad Ass” was a hit, Kid began to explore his musical roots, dabbling in country, blues, and straight rock and roll. He put these talents on display with the release of “Cocky”, featuring a duet with Sheryl Crow called “Picture”. Picture was Kids biggest hit, reaching number 4 on the hot 100 charts and becoming a hit in the country market as well.

Kid released even more albums between 2003 and 2006, and toured extensively. In 2007 he put out “Rock and Roll Jesus”, who’s single “All Summer Long” went to number 1 in 8 European and Australian countries. “Rebel Soul” was released near the end of 2012, and he continues to tour and record. Tickets for Kid Rock are on sale now, and this show is a must see for every serious music lover.

Sting Heading out on Annual “Back to Bass” Tour

Sting has spent the last year playing with the London Philharmonic Orchestra and before that, he spent two years traveling with his band, The Police. But the iconic singer isn’t ready to slow down as he’s just announced that this summer will take him out on the road on the “Back to Bass” tour — something that’s becoming an annual event!

This will be the third year in a row that Sting has picked up his bass guitar to play a stripped-down version of some of his most popular songs for audiences. Those songs date all the way back to 1985 when he first came out with The Dream of the Blue Turtles album. The songs won’t be completely stripped down and set against just a bass, though. Sting’s also bringing a band with him: Dominic Miller on guitar, David Sancious on keyboards; Peter Tickell on the fiddle; and Vinnie Colaiuta on drums. Jo Lawry will also be along for the ride to provide backup vocals.

The tour will include 17 North American stops in total and the leg will both start and end in Canada. It begins on May 30 in Kelowna, B.C. and ends on June 26 in St. John’s, Newfoundland. Sting will be making sure he sees plenty of American fans along the way though, also making stops in Chicago, Denver, Boston, and Atlantic City, to name just a few.

Once Sting wraps up the North American leg he’ll be headed to the UK for a handful of shows there, most of which are festival dates. You can find a complete list of dates and venues on the Sting tickets page on

Oprah Visits Vancouver in January

Oprah Winfrey, one of the most famous and beloved daytime talk-show host in history and possibly one of the most influential women in the world, brings her show to Vancouver, B.C. on January 24, 2013.

Born into poverty, she began in radio during her high school years, and eventually worked her way into co-anchoring the evening news of her local area by the time she was in her late teens. After she had moved into the talk-show format and had taken a third place show to the top of the rankings, she launched her own company (Harpo Productions) and became syndicated on an international level.

Popularizing the tabloid format pioneered by Phil Donahue, Oprah is often credited with bringing about a more personal and intimate form of the talk show genre. Within months of taking the reins of AM Chicago, her ratings had overtaken Donahue, then a giant in the talk show medium. In fact, by 1986, the newly re-named Oprah Winfrey Show was more than doubling Donahue’s national audience, making hers the number one rated talk show on the U.S. airwaves.

Though her show was considered a tabloid style show in its early years, by the 1990s it had transformed into much broader and deeper subjects, such as charity work, substance abuse and women’s health issues, such as cancer. She also became known for her immense charitable donations, and giving away large prizes like cars and lavish vacations to her audience members.

Oprah has also appeared in movies, getting an Academy Award nomination for her work as “Sofia” in Steven Spielberg’s “The Color Purple“. She also starred in “Beloved”, which she also produced.

Besides hosting and acting, Oprah has also branched out, co-founding the Oxygen television network, and eventually, worked out a deal to bring Winfrey’s OWN network to cable television.

She has also found time to publish five books, including a weight loss book co-written with her own personal trainer, Bob Greene.

From her rather poor beginnings to her rise to the top of a multi-media empire, Oprah Winfrey has become a living icon in the world of daytime television. Get tickets and attend one of her shows to understand exactly why she has become one of the most loved hosts in the history of television.

What do you Think of JT’s Newest Song, “Suit & Tie”?

Last week Justin Timberlake teased us all with a video showing him walking through a house and into a recording studio. After a long narration about how he’s not giving up music and he needs to let it come to him, he ends the video by putting on headphones and saying simply, “I’m ready.” With a countdown clock and all, everyone guessed that he was ready to release new music, and now it’s here. JT’s “Suit & Tie” was released this past Monday at midnight. The only question now is, what do you think of it?

If you were to ask that question shortly after waking up Tuesday morning, you’d have the answer. The song quickly took over the top spot on iTunes, even beating out Taylor Swift’s “I Knew You Were Trouble.” The song even beat out Justin’s previously biggest hit, “Sexy Back,” in downloads — a total of 310,078. But were fans just eager to hear new music from JT? And are they happy now that they have?

Initially, they weren’t, taking to Twitter to ask why the music was so different this time around, and practically begging JT to bring either bring back his old style, or go back to the big screen. To be fair, Justin’s newest hit is definitely different than what fans were expecting. It’s part jazz, part disco, part R&B, and part hip hop all at the same time. But that’s what growing as an artist is all about, isn’t it?

The one weak (very weak) portion of the song is actually Jay-Z, who comes in to spit some lines for JT; but it’s clear that he doesn’t need the support. Compared to Jay’s other work, this clearly wasn’t his best and seemed very much like a half-hearted attempt. That’s most likely because he’s a busy man, attending presidential inaugurations and taking care of Blue Ivy. Still though, can JT really be blamed for that?

Fans don’t seem to think so, as Jay’s lackluster rap style hasn’t stopped them from continuing to scoop this single up; or from practically demanding that JT release his newest album ASAP. It’s clear that fans have just wanted him back and now that he’s here, fans aren’t going to let him go again!

If you haven’t yet, check out Justin’s “Suit & Tie” here!

Blake Shelton Prepares for Tour; is he Leaving “The Voice”?

Blake Shelton was a huge artist in his own right before he ever started coaching on “The Voice,” but there’s no doubt that the television show certainly did help make him more of a household name. Now that his fans from then and now have been able to see him on TV every week though, he wants to turn the tables. He wants to be able to hit the road and see his fans, too. So now he’s gearing up for a summer tour; but the question remains, does this mean he’s leaving his TV job as coach?

Blake will be headlining the “Ten Times Crazier Tour” this summer as he visits 30 different cities, most of them located on the Eastern side of the States. The tour kicks off on July 19 in Virginia Beach, and it wraps up on October 5 in Wichita, Kansas. For a full listing of dates and venues, you can check out Blake’s official website here. But while the news is good for faithful BSers, what does it mean for his singing show?

Originally, only Christina Aguilera and Cee Lo Green were thought to be leaving for this season of “The Voice,” and Blake fans will be happy to know that this is still the case. The fourth season of the show is currently filming right now, giving Blake plenty of time to mentor his prodigies before his tour begins. And seeing as how the show won’t air until March, there’s also plenty of time for him to unwind (and even add on more dates if he wants!)

Fans are sure to rejoice with this news as now, they can watch him on the show and, go see Blake on tour, too!

2013 is the Year for Fleetwood Mac Fans!

It’s hard to believe that next month it will have been 35 years since Fleetwood Mac’s Rumours album was released. The band has done a lot of things since that time, both with solo careers and as a group, and they still sound better than ever. Now to celebrate they’re taking that album, along with some new tunes, out on the road this spring. Until then, fans can satisfy their Mac cravings with new music being released this month.

On April 4 Fleetwood Mac will kick off their 34-date tour in Columbus, Ohio at the Nationwide Arena. From there they’ll travel to some of the biggest cities and arenas in North America including Chicago, Toronto, San Jose, Los Angeles, and Atlanta, to name just a few. At the same time the tour begins, the band will also release a deluxe version of their iconic Rumours album.

Along with all the tracks from the original album being included, the new record will also have unreleased outtakes, live songs, and two new tracks from the band. Those will be titled “Sad Angel” and “Miss Fantasy,” and one will be released in just a couple of weeks.

The original Rumours album was released 35 years ago, and it’s been since 3 years since the band has toured together. It’s definitely been a long time coming, but Fleetwood Mac is bringing fans what they love best, making this the year for Fleetwood Mac fans!

NHL Training Camps Open to Eager Fans

NHL training camps opened yesterday, after 113 days of a lockout and another week of ratifying the CBA among the owners and players. Typically training camp is used as a chance to test players, see who will make the cut, see who will fit in where during the season, and start to gel the team together. This year, with less than a week to go before an extremely shortened regular season begins, it was a chance for the players and owners to win back the fans. And they knew it.

Many arenas, such as the Air Canada Centre in Toronto, had meet and greets with the players, owners and the fans, vying for a chance to win back fan support as everyone gears up for regular season to open on Saturday. Nearly all teams are opening up training camps practices to the fans, something that wouldn’t be seen in a typical training camp.

Several teams are also extending their thanks and wooing techniques past just training camp. The Ottawa Senators, along with other teams in the league, will be offering free tickets to games for certain fans (such as children) once regular season starts; and things such as merchandise and concession items will also be available at reduced prices. All of it is for one reasons — to offer their thanks to the fans that come back, and try to get as many as possible back through the arena doors.

It may just be enough. As excited as the NHL was to kick off training camps, fans were more excited than ever.

An event such as the opening of training camp would typically only draw in the few die-hards that lived within the city. But in cities such as Detroit, Los Angeles, Toronto, and Ottawa, just to name a few, thousands of fans rushed in to watch their teams back at it. Finally. In Philadelphia, once the players started coming out onto the ice, they were met with a standing ovation.

Many fans said they wouldn’t go back; and that’s clearly just what the NHL owners were afraid of. But now that it’s officially all over, fans seem to have adopted a new mindset. They love hockey, and they’ve been waiting too long to turn their backs on it now.

Rascal Flatts Changed in 2013

Award winning country music group Rascal Flatts will spend the first half of 2013 on the road in continued support of their “Changed” album, released April 3rd of 2012.

The Farmers Insurance Presents “Changed Tour” starts 2013 off in Green Bay, Wisconsin on January 10th and finishes up in Tupelo, Mississippi on March 2nd.

A Historic Career

The band, which made its debut in early 2000, has had fourteen number-one singles, sold 21 million albums, and sold 7 million tickets on their way to becoming the most awarded country group of the past ten years.

Formed in a club in Nashville, it wasn’t long before the trio had earned a record deal, assembled an impressive body of work, and became known for their state of the art, high energy performances.

“We knew right away we had something special,” says Jay DeMarcus (bass, keyboards, and vocals).

In 2002, Rascal Flatts had their first number-one single — “These Days” — and had a little controversy, having the video for “I Melt” banned for partial nudity. By 2009, the band had nine number-one hits under its belt and became the first country group to perform in Chicago’s Wrigley Field.

Rascal Flatts received a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame in the fall of 2012, as well as hosting the CMT Artists of the Year and their own 14th Annual A Home for the Holidays with Rascal Flatts.

A Powerful Draw

Rascal Flatts features lasers, pyrotechnics and many other special effects in their shows, and has enjoyed a lot of success as a touring band, being named the top selling artist in 2006.

The group has a strong following among youth ages 18-25, as well as being one of the most popular acts among 10-12 year olds. This is mainly due to their upbeat, enjoyable music and their fun and exciting shows, giving them an uncommon popularity with these groups for a country music act.

Rascal Flatts will be bringing their unique show and music to towns all across America, and tickets are on sale now, so if you want the best in family music and fun, pick up a few tickets and enjoy the best in country music today.