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‘Yoshimi’ to Battle Giant Robots on Broadway Soon

It was twelve and a half years ago that The Flaming Lips released their album, Yoshimi Battles the Pink Robots and now, it’s coming to Broadway!

The Broadway show is bound to be everything you envision when listening to the electronic, psychedelic rock. And you’ll be able to see the story unfold of the girl Yoshimi, that is not only battling cancer, but also trying to decide between two very different boyfriends coming to the hospital to save her. The Pink Robots of course, are there, as a representation of the disease, and the obstacles one of the men must overcome when trying to rescue her.

On stage the robots will take on the form of giant pink forms that stand fourteen feet high; and dancers come onstage throughout wearing costumes that actually glow! It’s no wonder why; they’re designed from LED lights. The projections also add to the storyline, and audiences will be able to hear and see some of their favorite songs from the album play out right in front of them onstage. Along with the biggest hits from the record, music from two other Flaming Lips albums will also be included.

The show has already premiered at the La Jolla Playhouse in November 2012 where it was a huge hit with audiences. It starred Kimiko Glenn as Yoshimi; Paul Nolan as Ben Nickel; Nik Walker as Booker; Pearl Sun as Mrs Yasukawa; John Haggerty as Yoshimi’s dad; and Tom Hewitt as Dr. Petersen. It’s been announced that the show will continue on for another New York stint, but no dates have yet been confirmed.

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