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The Best Oscar Moment from the 85th Academy Awards!

Every year there’s always that one film heading into the Academy Awards that everyone knows is going to clean up. On Sunday night, that movie was Ben Affleck’s Argo, and while it may not have experienced a Titanic-like sweep, it walked away with three awards, including the all-coveted “Best Picture” award. And while Life of Pi actually scored one more than that, today it’s “Argo” that people can’t stop talking about!

The evening started off with Seth MacFarlane providing the obligatory jokes that walked a fine line and provided for the even more obligatory controversy afterwards. Touching on the fact that Affleck was “unknown to the Academy,” and that John Wilkes Booth did a better job of “getting into Lincoln’s head” than Daniel Day Lewis, MacFarlene was then joined by a ton of big name talent on stage. Daniel Radcliffe, Charlize Theron, and Channing Tatum all joined in sweeping Hollywood ballroom dancing along with MacFarlane — and William Shatner even joined in via a large TV screen (and from the future, apparently.)

The song and dance was never really over throughout the night, as this was the first Oscars that included a theme, that being music in movies, but it did take pause throughout the night so awards could actually be handed out. Daniel Day Lewis also made history as the first actor to pick up his third Oscar for best actor in a lead.

Jennifer Lawrence did not make history, but she was incredibly surprised by her win. So much so that she tripped on the stairs on her way up to accept the award, and had to be rescued by the dashing (and nearby) Hugh Jackman. While he did not walk away from the night as a winner, his co-star, Anne Hathaway, did after she picked up her Oscar for best actress in a supporting role.

Of course the grand finale of the evening is always when the award for “Best Picture” is presented, and it was no different this time around. However, the Academy did up the ante a bit when they had none other than First Lady Michelle Obama presenting — adding another bit of history to this particular Oscars Eve, as it’s the first time to ever happen.

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