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Jim Parsons Makes a Big Bang in Broadway’s “Harvey”

Jim Parsons is most well-known for playing the anti-social genius, Sheldon Cooper, on TV’s “The Big Bang Theory.” But after enjoying his time in a small Broadway production The Normal Heart last year, he’s back! This time, he plays the starring role of Elwood P. Dowd in Harvey.

The theater play is a reprisal of the original that was done in 1944, written by Mary Chase; and it’s no wonder Parsons was eager to take the role. The play won a Pulitzer Prize in 1945 when it was up against Tennessee Williams’ The Glass Menagerie; and Jimmy Stuart played the role on Broadway for three years and then in the 1950 film, the latter of which got him nominated for an Academy Award. Parsons brings all due respect to this quiet character, but keeps his own charm that audiences have come to know and love. Making the audience laugh at all the right moments, think when they need to, and bringing together an equally talented cast, it’s clear that Parsons can play much more than just a science geek.

Along with Parsons, Jessica Hecht takes the stage as Elwood’s socialite sister; Tracee Chimo plays Myrtle Mae, Elwood’s niece; Rich Sommer, who plays Myrtle’s boyfriend; and Charles Kimbrough, who plays Elwood’s psychiatrist.

So who’s Harvey?

He’s Elwood’s best friend — a six foot tall rabbit. Who of course, is also invisible. But is he real? That’s for you to decide.

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