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Cavalia: A Dazzling Dance of Horses and Performers

One the most beautiful relationships is that almost mythical bond between humans and their horses.  Cavalia brings this relationship to life with some of the most awe-inspiring performances ever presented under a big top circus tent.  Scratch the usual conceptions with watching a horse show.  Cavalia presents the full grandeur with equestrians, dancers, musicians and a charismatic horse communicator to deliver a message that the horse’s mythical power and freedom are gifts to the human spirit that should be celebrated, but never fully harnessed.

The Cavalia philosophy toward horses is that the training methods should be designed so that the horses enjoy both the training and performing on stage.  The horses, themselves, seem to have an awareness of the audience, an expectancy for hearing the audience laugh and hearing it applaud.  Springing from its roots in Montreal, the show gathers performers from Europe, Canada and Morocco, to give you a unique experience, one of the best ever witnessed under circus lights.

Talk about lighting!  With state of the art design and lighting set under a 100-foot-high turreted white tent, the show boasts forty-nine horses; among them, Quarter Horses, Appaloosa’s, and Arabians, plus thirty-seven acrobats and performers.  Incredible choreography, along with live music, places you into the depths of fantasy and delight, more reminiscent of New Age theater than a traditional horse show.

The show is enhanced by a 200-foot wide screen showing a constantly changing digital background.  Over the course of two hours, you’ll stay glued to your seat as the horses gambol, trot and sometimes gallop at breakneck speed across the expansive 160-foot-wide stage.  In keeping with the Cavalia philosophy, the horses sometimes wonder freely, and are occasionally guided by a trainer through a series of graceful ballet movements, but usually carrying riders executing astonishing, seemingly impossible stunts.

Although the show is not affiliated with Cirque du Soleil, it is the brainchild of Normand Latourelle, who was the co-founder of the Cirque.  Latourelle said it took him ten years to realize his dream once he came up with the idea for his first Cavalia show.  The result is stunning and breath taking, everything Latoourelle said he had intended.

Even if you’re not a horse lover, it will be hard to forget this display of acrobatic performance at its best, where animal and humans meet in a symphony of grace and coordination, bring the magic of true performing art to the stage for the greatest big top show of the year.

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