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Avenue Q Has Muppets Behaving Badly – What More Could You Want?

Who doesn’t like Muppets behaving badly?  Whether its bloopers on TV, swearing Muppets in the movies (check out the movie The Happytime Murders if you don’t believe us), or even Elmo’s own untelevised shenanigans that got creator Kevin Clash put on extended leave, we all just relish the ideas of Muppets behaving badly.

Evil Muppets are a delicacy rarely observed outside of parody videos and soundtracks.  Oh sure, we get criticisms quite a bit in Muppet world.  We heard Republican members bashing PBS over free funding, just like we heard FOX News declare ultra-tolerant Muppets brainwashing communists.  We even suffered through Jason Segel’s 2000 era Muppet sequel, which featured his usual contributions to the arts, they of course consisting of fart jokes, bad music, and corny one-liners.

Self-professed evil Muppets though are sometimes hard to find.  We see a lot of imposter puppets that are evil, and even some parody Muppet creatures that seem familiar but are not official Henson continuity.  For example, Avenue Q, which features angry, swearing Muppets attempting to cope with grownup life and lost ideals.

Avenue Q, the multiple Tony award-winning musical, is still on tour and features unfortunately catchy but hilarious numbers that are definitely safe for children.  The production was co-written by Robert Lopez, who has since found a creative sanctuary with Trey Parker and Matt Stone of South Park fame, not only helping out with the show, but also The Book of Mormon, which also won some Tony awards.

The real joke of Avenue Q is not just badly behaving Muppets–or Muppet like puppets, not of Jim Henson quality–is that these former children’s entertainers are now discovering that they aren’t as “special” as all that TV programming suggested.  The real world is tougher than they thought, and their options are limited.  However, the production is too obscene and goofy to be depressing.  This is a show that will crack you up and entertain all of your friends over the age of 18.

As for the R-rated Muppet movie, we will sure keep you updated because we can’t fathom the idea, much less wait for it!

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