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Stanley Cup Playoffs Update

The third round hasn’t yet started but already that round has already taken shape in the East. Meanwhile in the West, four teams are still duking it out to determine who will go on to play in the conference finals.

Last week ended with the Ottawa Senators being beaten out of the playoffs by the Pittsburgh Penguins. While it wasn’t a sweep the Pens beat out the Sens in just five games, and their last two were dominating wins. The following night, the Boston Bruins kicked the New York Rangers out, also in five games, leaving the Eastern conference down to just the Bruins and the Penguins. This will certainly be one hard-fought round, and one that will most likely go seven games, as both teams had phenomenal regular seasons; and they’ve also dominated in the playoffs.

In the West however, round two is still playing out. The Detroit Red Wings have taken a surprising 3-2 lead in the series; and they’ll play again on Monday to see if the Blackhawks can tie it up. Also in the western conference are the defending Cup champions, the Los Angeles Kings, playing against the San Jose Sharks, and in a series that’s tied at 3-3. The seventh game will be played on Tuesday, May 28, to see who will go on to play for the conference title.

No games have yet been announced for round three, as all teams must be finished up their current rounds before anything can be determined. Is your team still in the playoffs? And who do you think will win the Cup?

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