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Who Advanced to the Top of the Class in the NFL?

A few quality NFL teams have already advanced to the top of their league, though no one’s really turned in a dynamite performance as of yet. We do know that the Baltimore Ravens advanced and clinched the AFC North by defeating the suddenly chilled Cincinnati Bengals. The New England Patriots may be headed back to the spotlight, as they defeated the Buffalo Bills, which helped them clinch the division as well as the home field advantage.

In the AFC South, the Houston Texans graduated “top of the class”, though they have actually lost their last three games. Credit their league-best record of 10-6, which helped them coast to the end. Over in the AFC West, things are looking ghastly, as most teams are 8-8, and the Denver Broncos just barely clinched the division over the Chargers.

The New York Giants amassed the best record in the NFC East and enjoyed some impressive wins, but their 9-7 record isn’t much compared to NFC North leader the Green Bay Packers who are holding onto their near perfect 15-1 record. The NFC South is dominated by New Orleans, who has an impressive 13-3 record, and has clinched their division over the Falcons. Lastly, there is the NFC West, and it has been claimed by the San Francisco 49ers, with an equally impressive 13-3 record, besting Arizona, Seattle and St. Louis.

It’s also time to review coach casualties, which say a lot considering that the season isn’t even over yet! As of early January, the St. Louis Rams have fired head coach Steve Spagnuolo and General Manager Billy Devaney, while the Tampa Bay Buccaneers dumped head coach Raheem Morris. That’s a lot of coaches axed, considering other casualties like Tony Sparano of Miami, Todd Haley of Kansas City and Jack Del Rio of Jacksonville.

Ultimately it’s winning that decides your job stability. This has been a lackluster season and most teams have fallen short of expectations – except of course power teams like Green Bay, New Orleans, Baltimore and San Francisco. What do you think? Is this Super Bowl going to be a Green Bay party day or is there an upset in the making?

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