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San Francisco Botches but Takes Aim at the Dodgers

Do the San Francisco Giants have the chops to win the win the series?  With four out of six wins, the National League team is setting a good record, but a low confidence score.  Fans are placing Sunday’s loss against the Philadelphia Phillies, square on Giants’ manager, Bruce Bochy’s shoulders.  Something had to give in the twelve-inning game, and ultimately, what gave were the Giants.  Cry the critics, “Bochy doesn’t know how to play small ball.”

The Giants built their reputation on the strength of their pitchers and by being formidable on the home turf, but their troubles began with who was at the bat.  With a runner on third and less than two outs, Bochy placed Brandon Belt at the plate, and instead of belting it, he struck out.  Neither was Emmanuel Burriss, with a season league batting average of 2.91 able to save the game, striking out and leaving Giants’ fans groaning in their seats.  Looking for a home run, instead of a bunt or a fly ball, the Giants rolled the dice…and lost.

The question on everybody’s mind is, after a strong start, will the Giants be able to keep up their lead in the second half of the series?  All eyes are on Nate Schierholz.  While his playing has been erratic, with a lot of downs along with his ups, he managed to score two home runs in the Giants’ twelve inning losing game against the Phillies.  However, Schierholz is a bit disgruntled by Bochy’s apparent reluctance to use him much in the game.  He has hinted that if the Giants are willing to make a trade, he’s interested in a team that will give him a consistent role.  With an unreliable bat, this may be easier said than done.

Not so easy to dismiss are Gregor Blanco and Melky Cabrera.  Batting in their home runs against both Atlantis and Philadelphia, they prove the Giants do have power hitters.  With games looming against the L.A. Dodgers, who have just swept up the New York Mets and tied two to two wins against the Cardinals, it’s the Giants turn to make it or break it.  The Dodgers aren’t going to take the games lying down.  After a slow start, they’re pounding the bases for their fifth straight win.  The Giants have the pitchers, but they also need their batters, because when it comes to the Dodgers, it’s going to be close and exciting.  Get those tickets now, because these are the games you won’t want to miss.

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