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Welcome to the Zoppe Family Circus

Have you noticed the popularity of nostalgic items and past times these days?  You may see new drive in movie theaters opening, and events like fairs and parades becoming more prevalent.  These fun times never really did go out of style, but they are certainly gaining momentum with the masses over the last couple of years.  Another tradition worth renewing is the fun times at the old fashioned family circus!  We aren’t talking about an ordinary circus though, but the Italian Zoppe Family Circus.

This old-fashioned traveling circus is about to grace the shores of the States starting in December 2012.  When we say it is old fashioned, we mean it was founded all the way back in 1842!  This is a circus for those that like to get up close, as each show only has a total of 500 seats around its one big center ring.  A unique feature of this circus is that it actually follows a story rather than just having one act after another.  You’ll still get to see plenty of your favorite circus performers though.  There are clowns, beautiful ladies riding horses, trapeze acts, dancing canines and death defying feats!

When they say it is a family circus, they really mean it.  It was founded by a man named Napoleone Zoppe, a clown, and a young equestrian rider named Ermengilda.  They were madly in love, run away together and founded the circus in Italy.  The circus has been passed down through the family ever since!  With some of the children starting as small as two years old.  Today you can see Nino the Clown, his horse riding sister Tosca, and even grandfather Alberto Zoppe.

This show really does seem like you are taking a step back into the past.  Go back to a time when it wasn’t all smoke and mirrors but actual hard work and years of training being performed right before your eyes.  A hundred years may have past, but a fun time at the circus is still the same when you step into the tent at the Zoppe Family Circus.

Get your tickets before they are sold out, and make some lasting memories with your family!

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