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The Magic of Disney on Ice

Cue Mickey Mouse!  Cue Jasmine and Belle!  There’s even room for Gaston and Ursula!  Yes, it’s time for a Disney celebration.  It’s hard to believe so much magic has descended from the mind of one man, Walt Disney, who believed that fairy tales were marketable in any age.

For generations, Disney has captured the hearts of the young and old, with its fanciful cartoon figures and storybook characters come to life on the big screen.  Now they come to larger life as Disney presents the best, the most memorable of Disney favorites on ice.

Figure skating is perhaps one of the most beautiful art forms there is as it combines the the exacting performance of ballet with the skills of skating.  How will you be able to forget the poised dance of Tinker Bell or The Little Mermaid gliding gracefully over the ice?  The answer is, you won’t.  Nor will you forget the charm of Goofy, Mickey and Minnie Mouse, or the unforgettable, animated Cars!

Of course, what makes the show truly amazing is the combination of artistry and talent with names we all know and love.  Pick a show, any show, and you won’t be disappointed.  Opening the season’s fanfare of delight are the fresh, new shows, “Disney on Ice, Rockin’ Ever After“, and “Worlds of Fantasy”.  With beautiful flying acrobats as well as classic Disney storylines and dance to rip away the most hardened skeptic, it won’t be just the children who laugh, applaud and leap for joy.

There is something very primal about Disney storylines.  The archetypes of good and evil, the yearning for uncertain romance and of course, the ability to draw humor AND pathos out of virtually any situation.  Disney is not just entertainment; it is a part of American culture.  No doubt, you have watched Disney films for years and have given your children plenty to think about.  Now it’s time to let them come and experience the magic in person.

That’s what so special about Disney–the desire to make happy endings out of somber reality.  Come experience an important part of the American dream–the Disney Happy Ending.

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