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Freak Out with Criss Angel Live and in Person!

Just when you think you have seen it all, Criss Angel finds another amazing feat to dazzle and disturb audiences! This American-born magician is probably best known for his TV show “Criss Angel: Mindfreak”, but it is nothing compared to seeing the tricks preformed live and in person!

Criss Angel has truly amazed audiences with some of his death-defying feats. His fascination with magic started from a mere seven years old. He is now considered the man that has brought back the love of magic to popular culture today. There hasn’t been such an interest by the masses in magic since the days of Houdini himself.

The master illusionist has been known to walk on water, levitate, survive explosions, and even cut himself in half! He does traditional feats of magic, but with a big bold twist, such as making a Lamborghini disappear, or floating between two buildings in front of a live audience of fans. He has even wowed famous celebrities and has been asked to appear on TV shows such as the Ellen Show, Oprah, The Tonight Show and The Late Show.

Criss Angel’s amazing stunts eventually landed him a $100 million Broadway style financed show with MGM Mirage in Las Vegas. Today, you can see what some are calling the most exciting show in Las Vegas at the Luxor Theater inside the Luxor Hotel. The show has a partnership with Cirque du Soleil, and is titled “Criss Angel – Believe”. This show has been running since 2008, and is still the best place to catch all of the magic in person. This production features amazing illusions, danger, excitement and even a little comedy to pull it all together.

Las Vegas can certainly pull off the trick of making your money disappear if you step into a casino, so why not spend it on some memories that will last a lifetime instead? Check out the amazing feats happening at the Luxor Theater at the hands of a master magician! If you want to see the magic of Criss Angel with your own eyes, you can see “Believe in Las Vegas”, or keep an eye out for appearances scheduled for your hometown.

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