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Strobing out on the Electric Zoo

With strobe lights punctuating the air and glow bracelets dangling down arms that wave enthusiastically to electronic music, the Electric Zoo Festival gears into its fifth year of International celebration.  It is the concert of concerts for New Age music goers who love the spectacular light shows as well as the best in electronic performances.  In its inaugural year, 26,000 people passed through the gates of Randall Island’s Park in New York City to listen to the festival’s exciting performers; names that ring high on the electric music lovers list, such as Armin Van Buuren, David Guetta and Ferry Corsten.

The one-day festival became so popular that by 2011, it was featuring a three-day affair, with record crowds of 85,000.  It was fun.  It was exciting.  Attendees showed up in Darth Vader masks, robot or Transformer masks, riding plastic sharks, and generally just sharing the spirit of festivity.

Despite its short history, the Electric Zoo is clearly on the path to distinction.  It has already received the coveted International Dance Music Awards nominations for “best music event” three years in a row, and is highlighted for press coverage from the major media outlets, including CNN, New York Times, Huffington Post and Village Voice.  Do you feel like a rock star?  Then join the event that has the world buzzing on its ear.

The 2012 festival is scheduled to take place from August 31 to September 2nd.  Featured acts include “Above and Beyond”, “Pretty Lights”, and David Guetta.  The music may be a hybrid that developed out of disco and techno, but it’s a sound all its own that has electric fans bouncing in wavelengths.  What’s more, the Electric Zoo has a conscience.  Beginning in 2011, the Electric Zoo introduced an on-site recycling program for all trash, water in cardboard containers, compostable plates and utensils and required that all meat vendors use organic, hormone free, humanely raised animals.  Is this the beginning of social awareness and responsible progress?  With a new generation of youth taking the reins for environmental protection laws, we can only suspect that it does.

Step up to the sounds of the twenty-first century and into the world of the future.  The Electric Zoo is sure to carry you there with the most talked about, best covered and exciting festival of the year.

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