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Nickelback Announces a Huge Tour

With two years having passed since they were last on the road, Nickelback is now making up for their absence by traveling around North America this spring. Trying to reach as many fans as possible, the band has crammed 39 stops into just over two months in order to promote their seventh studio album, “Here and Now.”

The tour begins on April 10 in Moline, Illinois and stops from there will include Detroit, New York, Montreal, and Toronto. Nickelback will wrap the tour in their homeland of Canada on June 26 in Vancouver, British Columbia. But as they travel, Nickelback won’t be alone. To accompany them on the tour are the esteemed rock band, Bush; Seether; and Toronto’s own, My Darkest Days.

Nickelback has always been known for putting on an unforgettable rock concerts, but even they have admitted that this one’s going to be their “biggest, baddest, most over-the-top show yet!” And when speaking about the album the tour is promoting, lead singer Chad Kroeger has said, “When you listen to this record, it sounds like it could be from four different artists.” While we think all Nickelback albums come from four unique and talented artists, it should be interesting to see these four culminate in a way they never have before.

Tickets for the “Here and Now Tour 2012” went on sale Sunday, January 13 for fan club members; they’ll be on sale for the general public on January 21.

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