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Morrissey Goes on U.S. Tour, is it his Last?

Morrissey wrapped up his most recent tour, which wrapped in Stockton, California on May 26 and now, he’s set to go back out once again. The next leg of his 2012 world tour begins this summer and will take Morrissey to nearly all the four corners of the world. But is this tour so extensive because it’s Morrissey’s last? That’s what people are saying; even Morrissey’s hinting at it. And, a very public feud with drummer Matt Walker earlier this month might be the first signs that this may be the end for the iconic singer.

While Morrissey is only 53, he has said that he is “aging a lot recently,” and that he hopes to retire by the time he’s 55; which may suggest that this tour may be the last. This time Morrissey will begin in Liege, Belgium on July 5 and from there he’ll travel through Italy, Greece, Turkey, Israel, Portugal, and the UK before landing in the United States. Once here he’ll play over 30 stops from July 28 — December 8. Those stop will include some of the biggest venues: Radio City Music Hall, Staples Center, Wang Theatre, and Davies Symphony Hall.

Kristeen Young will be along for support and Iggy and the Stooges will be appearing as Morrissey’s special guest at his Los Angeles show on November 24. However, there is one person that won’t be along for the trip — long-time drummer, Matt Walker. Earlier this month Walker tweeted, “Things are weird and getting weirder,” on Twitter before officially leaving the band.

In response Morrissey issued his own statement saying, “Our little covered wagon has lost drummer Matt Walker, who was eager to bring his term to an end. No bargaining could persuade him to stay, and his interest drew its last breath at Stockton. Behind the kit, Matt was a greyhound unleashed, and his great work on Years of Refusal will always and forever speak up in his favor. His exit is sad, but he had no wish to continue, and a branch falls away.”

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