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Lil Wayne Settles Lawsuit Over Missed Bahamas Concert

It was back in 2009 when Lil Wayne was scheduled to perform for an event in the Bahamas. He never did, and the promotion company in charge of the event, Red City Entertainment, claimed that the rapper had actually gotten too intoxicated the night before, causing him to sleep through the performance. Not only did they blame him for ruining their concert, they sued him for $432,000.

Lil Wayne is no stranger to lawsuits, but on this one he fought back saying that it was not because of intoxication that he missed the concert; and that in fact, he’s never missed a concert for that reason. He did argue that the concert had been cancelled, but he could not recall the reason why.

Now, none of it matters. Early in January, Lil Wayne and Red City Entertainment settled the case outside of court, although the amount agreed upon is unknown.

That will certainly free up some of Lil Wayne’s time for his other court battle — his appeal of the decision in the case against Quincy Jones III.

Back in November, Lil Wayne took Quincy to court, saying that he had released a “scandalous” documentary about Lil Wayne, and used the rapper’s music in that movie without Lil Wayne’s permission. In the initial court decision, Lil Wayne was actually ordered to pay Quincy $2,195,000, due to the fact that the first court case ate into his profits for the film. Now, Wayne is taking that one back to court through an appeal process.

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