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Lady Gaga Brings Alter Ego to the VMAs

Music lovers waited with baited breath last night for Lady Gaga to open MTV’s VMA show. Would she wear produce this time? Or use the traditional “arriving in an egg” entrance? Who knew, but it was sure to be a big event! But Lady Gaga did neither. And in fact, her outfit wasn’t even all that outrageous — just a plain black suit with a white shirt underneath. But Gaga didn’t need an extreme ensemble, or an alternative vehicle to bring the shock factor. She just needed to look, perform, and present as a man — her alter ego, Jo Calderone.

Yes Gaga, or should we say “Jo,” opened the show by performing Gaga’s latest single, You and I. Paired with the slim and sleek black suit, Jo also appeared with short black hair, all slicked back. But that nose and that voice are unmistakable, and fans knew right away that Gaga had taken the stage. Some weren’t even all that shocked, as this isn’t the first time Jo Calderone has made an appearance.

The world first saw Jo Calderone when “he” posed on the cover of Japan’s Vogue last August. At that time “he” was described as being a mechanic/model from Sicily who just happened to appear on one of Japan’s biggest magazines. Apparently “he’s” a singer too.

Later in the show Jo was the one to present Britney Spears with a tribute award. While the marks initially appeared to be sincere, with Jo stating that Spears has been a huge influence on the pop music world, and that she’s “fearless and she taught us all how to be fearless,” Jo ended the presentation with some rather crude remarks about Britney’s posters that once hung on “his” bedroom walls.

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