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Keeping It Real With Miranda Lambert

Petite, blonde and beautiful, Miranda Lambert is one of the reigning queens of country music. She and her husband, “The Voice” judge and country music superstar Blake Shelton, have been in the news a lot concerning their quivering marriage. Miranda insists that there is no truth to the rumors, however.

As hard as it must be to keep a marriage running smoothly when both parties are plowing away full steam ahead in their careers and touring constantly, they seem to be doing it. Of course, the fact that they have an “open marriage” helps. Open in the respect that they have agreed that there are no holds barred, and each is free to read the other’s emails, text messages and anything else to be sure that the other is toeing the line.

It helps that they are not alone in their fight to keep love alive, too. Both tour with an armada of pet dogs that are like children to them. If you can’t snuggle in with the one you love, a warm puppy helps a lot.

One of the great things about Miranda is how she puts her feelings directly into her songs. Whether she writes them, or someone else does, she doesn’t sing it if she doesn’t mean it. Of course, she has a lot to draw on in her life when it comes to writing music. With parents who were private investigators, and her own wild child spirit, she will likely never run out of things to say about life, love and the general pursuit of happiness.

You have to admit, her saying that “being happy and in love is the worst thing for your figure and for your country music songwriting” seems to be right in line with the truth. In spite of that, many of her songs are powerful and inspiring, and her figure is pretty good as well.

You can check out Miranda Lambert and enjoy the greatest in country music on her tour stop over in Chicago at the NIU Convocation Center along with the super talented Dierks Bentley. Get your tickets now and settle in for a great show.

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