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Jay-Z & Kanye Announce Extra Dates For Throne Tour Amid Lawsuits

Jay-Z and Kanye West have been heavily promoting their “Watch the Throne” tour ever since the beginning of summer, and they’ve been successful at it too, despite an ever-changing tour schedule. Now, even though the pair has recently been sued by a bigwig in the music industry, they’ve just announced new dates — and they’re coming soon!

The new dates include a two-night performance at Madison Square Garden on November 7 & 8, before they head to the already-scheduled show in Fort Lauderdale, Florida November 14. And while the duo was already making a stop at the United Center in Chicago, Illinois on November 30 they’ve extended their stay in the Windy City and will now turn that into another two-night show, with the new second night being December 1. Another arena they’ve decided to extend their stay at is the Staples Center in Los Angeles, California. Still playing their December 12 date there, they’ll also play another show the following evening on December 13.

Jay-Z and Kanye West may just be adding a couple more dates along the way of this already very busy schedule though — court dates! Jay-Z and Kanye West, along with their record labels, Universal Music Group and Def Jam Records, are being sued by blues musician, Syl Johnson. Johnson says that the two illegally used his song, “Different Strokes,” on the track “Joy” off their “Watch the Throne” album. Interestingly, Kanye West had asked Johnson for permission to use the song on one of his earlier solo albums, but had never received permission.

Syl Johnson is not a stranger to the courtroom, having sued Michael Jackson, Jefferson Airplane, and Cypress Hill for copyright infringement. In addition to those, Johnson has also successfully brought lawsuits against Wu-Tang Clan and Kid Rock.

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