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Blake Shelton Prepares for Tour; is he Leaving “The Voice”?

Blake Shelton was a huge artist in his own right before he ever started coaching on “The Voice,” but there’s no doubt that the television show certainly did help make him more of a household name. Now that his fans from then and now have been able to see him on TV every week though, he wants to turn the tables. He wants to be able to hit the road and see his fans, too. So now he’s gearing up for a summer tour; but the question remains, does this mean he’s leaving his TV job as coach?

Blake will be headlining the “Ten Times Crazier Tour” this summer as he visits 30 different cities, most of them located on the Eastern side of the States. The tour kicks off on July 19 in Virginia Beach, and it wraps up on October 5 in Wichita, Kansas. For a full listing of dates and venues, you can check out Blake’s official website here. But while the news is good for faithful BSers, what does it mean for his singing show?

Originally, only Christina Aguilera and Cee Lo Green were thought to be leaving for this season of “The Voice,” and Blake fans will be happy to know that this is still the case. The fourth season of the show is currently filming right now, giving Blake plenty of time to mentor his prodigies before his tour begins. And seeing as how the show won’t air until March, there’s also plenty of time for him to unwind (and even add on more dates if he wants!)

Fans are sure to rejoice with this news as now, they can watch him on the show and, go see Blake on tour, too!

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